Where two extreme opposites converge

When I published this Post in WordPress and in South Africa and it did not attract a lot of attention I smirked at first and decided to let it go but this one changed my mind for me.

I do not see an Apocalypse as some predict where the Globe itself will be shattered and all life will be gone; what we have and given to us free is just too perfect and so divine that it will last for evermore.

What we do on it is another matter; the dreaded apocalypse is taking shape right now.

The writer of the second Post shocked me into action.

At no time in World History have we seen or even considered possible the convergence of the two extreme opposites of Barbarism and Civilization; at no time did the excesses of the ruling Roman Empire come anywhere near the excesses of “modern civilization” in Africa.

Freedom has become the bondage that is destroying Liberty.

Americans in particular are often too critical about any restriction or even a perception of restriction on freedom of the individual that they forget that American Independence and a bitter War against the Colonial Masters came about for the freedom to trade for their own cause. The Declaration of Independence had nothing to do with individual liberty or democratic principles. Independence had nothing to do with the vote [or the right to vote] but was all about their right to trade.

What we see in Africa today is really a new Ruler Class [much like the old Roman Empire] of about 1% of 1% of the population living it up like the Roman Royal Blood with the rest of the population moving inexorably towards ever greater poverty.

Let me hasten to add that it has nothing to do with race or skin color; the present governing regime in South Africa makes a big fuss about the “demographic reality” that utterly ignores the truth of demographic Africa a mere one or two hundred years ago, leave alone five hundred years or more. Let me also hasten to add that the political governing regime, though mostly of the black races are gleefully supported by “white money” to such an extent that one can say that at their level race or skin color has no effect today.

Unfortunately this truism applies down the line as well. Poverty has never had any regard for skin color.

Read the second Post referred to above and enjoy the ride.

There will be an apocalypse, yes for sure; the hungry will take to the streets and kill the rich, much like happened in the French Revolution. It will not be a racial confrontation; white people will sit on the sideline watching the poor blacks killing the rich blacks.

Maybe we will then have the start of a new civilization with norms, duty, responsibility, honor and liberty for all.


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  1. Ike Jakson Says:

    Sorry Folks but my plastic box has been on the blink for some time. I had tried a thousand times when it suddenly took a new Post tonight but it did not highlight the two hotlinks in the first paragraph. I shall get them into a comment and work on the problem.

  2. Ike Jakson Says:

    Here we go, Folks:

    The link to this Post in the first line is:


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    Because of My Eye and I the only way I can place a Post is to key Posts in MSWord.Doc on the keyboard and copy/paste to the Post in WordPress. Unfortunately the hotlinks didn’t make it into this Post though they worked and still do in my MSWord document.

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