For a fraction of the cost of this Comet Research Science waste of money and time

It really makes me sick to read another Article about this Comet probe 500 million kms from the earth where we all know is nothing but empty space and a few rocks floating around.

In the small town near where I live we have a Hostel and a School for very special children. They are healthy and sleep warm in a nice Hostel and some are very bright; The facilities can handle 65 young minds and bodies from grade 1 to grade 5 plus a few little ones who enter there when they are 4 and 5 years old. We never discuss why they are there, for their protection and not to remind them; they need a lot of love and can give love in equal measures as they receive.

For a fraction of the Comet cost [waste?] we can build a high school; so many disappear to wherever whatever life allocates to them when they have to leave here after grade 5.

In town we have a lot of old people with vast experience and lots of love they can give but very little money. They are all willing to help the school for a few shillings extra to their old age grants. Everyone will make time available on a voluntary basis.

We have enough vacant land at reasonable prices to build the school and some cottages for the children in a garden like development where we can teach them to get to know the earth and plants and to work it in their off times. The old folks will assist.

The cottages can be built using wind and sunlight power [we have both aplenty] and lots of fruit trees and veggie patches for the young minds.

We need a fraction of the billions that is wasted on bogus Comet Research.

Come on World. Do something for these kids and our senior citizens. I don’t want anything; put the money in a trust and have it audited as you want; the building phase won’t cost a lot and after that we only need the running costs.

Our elderly ones will shower the young ones with love while they are teaching them so they can stay with us until at least through matriculation, thus giving them a chance to face the World when they are better equipped than being forced to leave us after grade 5.

Leave the comets alone. They will stay where they are and don’t need the human race fiddling around the space they find themselves in.

Get in touch with me about the young ones.

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2 Responses to “For a fraction of the cost of this Comet Research Science waste of money and time”

  1. nolanimrodNolanimrod Says:

    I wonder if a similar exhortation was made to Queen Isabella when she hocked some jewels to finance Columbus.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Nimrod

      Naaw, I don’t know about those two.

      This is the link to the equivalent Article out here. Just look at the first comment.

      “The dark ages are calling you back home. Without the billions spent on R&D in fields like engineering and medicine your beloved hostel and old age project would not even be a remote possibility, I’m very pleased closed minded people like you have no say in the endless and awesome quest for knowledge. Yay Philae, hope you find some sun, can’t wait to hear from you. [Placed by Phae Rayden].

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