Velocity Trade Rip-Off Alert on how to steal your Money at High Velocity

OK, if you want to lose your money fast the Velocity Nedbank CFD Scam will do it for you.

You ain’t ever seen anything like this. Quick profits are their specialty [a brochure advertises a Webinar on how to increase 50k to 500k in one year]. You can put in 250k and increase it to 2.5 million. The inconvenient truth however, is that you will lose your 250k in six months.

Velocity operators are masters in what they don’t tell the selected victim.

Their Association with Nedbank is a scam. Nedbank, one of South Africa’s most respected Banks [largely controlled by Old Mutual, a household name in South African finance and by quite a margin the oldest and biggest Finance Group in the Country] is not aware of the proclaimed association with Velocity.

Nedbank carries an email contact address in their Web Page:

Try it and see how far you get.

Velocity Trade in Toronto Canada has an email address in their Web Page:

Try that and see how far you get.

Oh Yes Sirree, they do have the highest of Hi-tech computer systems. They will email you statements and Screenshots and as many Trade Profit Statements as you want all very impressive, until you compare the beautiful array of detail with your own balance that you can keep in a simple MS.xls document.

Now you need a detailed item for item Balance statement and that duly arrives by email. But you find it is in code. What are these debit fees, you ask? Evasive answer follows after two weeks.

No, you say, what are these Swap Fees?

The curtains come down. After four months you have had an impressive clear net profit of almost 25% after all expenses and brokerage, or so you thought from the screenshots but in reality you have just lost all those profits plus 80% of your invested capital in a matter of four months; two months later you end up with 5% of your original investment.

You have had a similar experience, or if you want to know more?


Let us nail these frauds.

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6 Responses to “Velocity Trade Rip-Off Alert on how to steal your Money at High Velocity”

  1. nolanimrod Says:

    These are some serious allegations, oh Finance Fraud Guru. I’m glad I’m not your Official Food Taster. btw I tried the web site you gave for Web Bank and got a Web Page Not Found error.

    Some interesting things happen in a first- or second- world nation on its way to third-world status. So it’s nice that Safrica is willing to do it first so we in the U.S. can know what to expect.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Nimrod

      You will never guess what happened to me this morning on top of all things.

      You probably do know that my computer system is still the old Windows XP. I have had glitches on it but it could handle some pretty complicated stuff even the Velocity thieves. It’s really hi-tech but my system handles it with ease.

      Then I wanted to log in with the bank just an hour ago to transfer a small amount to someone else. Lo and behold the screen tells me they have a new system and that my browser needs to be upgraded to the current Windows Internet Browser or “a modern browser like Google Chrome etc etc. I sent them a very nasty email.

      You know what else. I have often realized of late that at my age I may not live long enough to see the end of the human race of today. I am now beginning to think that we are self-destructing so fast that I will see the whole thing in my time.

      World Communication and Finance are in the hands and computer brains of snot nosed 25 years old kids. They will all die and [have you read Travels with Charlie by John Steinbeck?] out of the desert remaining life will come to inhabit the earth again. This was Steinbeck thinking.

      You know who will survive? Of course the animal kingdom and … the poor people. The rich and the mighty won’t be able to give their mansions away because there will be no demand for that kind of shit and he won’t be able to survive without his 5 course meals. The poor who have learned to survive on a piece of dry bread will come back to inhabit the land.

      If I stay long enough I hope they destroy all computers and plant pumpkin.

  2. R.S. HELMS Says:

    Your just may be right…

  3. R.S. HELMS Says:

    By the way, Thanks for following Bob’s Opinion..

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