Days Weeks Months Years updated 1910 to 1960

Well, you have read:

I am now going to deal with half centuries from here on; the speed or change in the World started accelerating in 1910 and it looks certain to continue for the rest of the half century 2010 to 2060.

England started 1910 by merging her two new colonies [Free State in the mid-centre and Transvaal in the north, both won during the Anglo-Boer War into a single South Africa with self-government under the British Crown and part of the British Commonwealth, thus also completing her Colonial quest in Africa.

Do not ever underestimate the importance of this small event in the subsequent history of the World. It would become the hinge on which the entire next two half centuries would evolve.

Please also bear in mind that the Anglo Boer War was for one reason only; to get hold of the gold, the diamonds and the rest of the mineral wealth of the newly combined Colony. A last point of interest to remember on this point is that, for all the lofty speeches and the beautiful words in the American Declaration of Independence just over a century before that, the American War of Independence was a War for Independence in Trade. It had nothing to do with Freedom of All Men being born equal; it was fought for economic freedom, direct trade no longer via the Motherland, and financial independence. The French and others helped for the same reasons to defeat England in the final American War of Independence.

The above said and done when 1912 arrived; Taft preferred to be a judge and stepped out of the American Presidency to make place for Woodrow Wilson who after a brief hesitation got in and won the War against the Germans.

In the interim a few things of not much consequence at the time occurred but would become extremely important later, note and write it down for the future.

The first three actually happened in the half century ending 1910:

Adolf Hitler was born April 20th, 1889

Nikita Khrushchev was born April 15th 1895.

Hendrik F Verwoerd was born September 8th, 1901

The second five took place in the half century now under discussion:

Ronald Reagan was born February 06th 1911.

John F Kennedy was born May 29th 1917

Nelson Mandela was born July 18th of 1918

ML King, Jr. was born January 15th 1929

Desmond Tutu was born October 07th 1931

Now I am going to be brief with a short synopses of the two half centuries from 1910 to 2010 and get to the important details in two separate updates to enable the student to view the period 1860 to 2010 as an entity during which much [if nor all] that happened in this time would determine the course that the World is now set on and likely to stay on only to ultimately derail somewhere before 2060 and go back to 1760.

The periods up to 1960 can now be called history; efforts are taking place to re-write that history; these efforts will fail.

Kennedy and MLK would play pivotal roles in America but don’t ever ignore the roles of the South Africans mentioned. Much of America’s role 1960 to 2010 would in the end determine what would happen to South Africa during the same period. Conversely, if you want to call it that, America 2010 to 2060 will be determined by South 1960 to 2010.

Don’t laugh or panic. You have just had Ferguson MO. We had Sharpeville 1960 that set the scene for you. Remember though that Sharpeville has not ended yet; neither has Ferguson. That name will reverberate and haunt you for many decades to come.

I shall tell you all about it in the next update to the series.

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