Velocity Trade Fraudsters seem to have a Death Wish

Open letter to Velocity Trade Toronto Canada

 Fraudsters like Velocity Trade from Canada and other foreign soils should take note of this Fin24 Article:

 Our country became a natural Mecca for every crook and gangster in Finance that descended in waves like flies for the bounty in our land ever since our doors were thrown open to the World 20 years ago.

 The impression still exists with many that it is all the fault of the current government regime and that they are the only recipients of the largesse.

 No Sir that was indeed not the case when it started. Yes, the incoming regime made it possible but white business gleefully accepted and actively took the lead in the opportunities offered to them. All the young snot-nosed so-called financial wizards from the English speaking Nations of the World have since settled here and our gullible public, our pension funds and the uninformed are being bled dry.

 Our new Courts were in disarray and for a while crime became the highest paying business to be in. Our Financial Regulators [mainly the Financial Services Board, FSB for short] have had an uphill battle but finally had reason to smile just yesterday.

 The High Court of Appeal overturned a previous lenient High Court sentence of a rather small fine and imposed a stiff 15 years behind bars for the culprit; the FSB investigators are smiling. This is what they said afterwards:

 “This is a great day for South Africa’s justice system and for our citizens. It shows that no matter who you are, if you break the law, you will be prosecuted – and sentenced appropriately.”

Fraudsters in unregulated business like Velocity Trade CFD derivatives, Illegal Forex Trading and other Ponzi Schemes will, we all hope soon find out what it’s like inside a South African jail.

 If you have had any adverse dealings with Velocity Trade feel free to copy this and/or email me. If you still have money with them ask for a Summary Statement and look for Swap Fee debits.

 My follow-up Post will deal with how they manage to steal your capital without you knowing.

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  1. Gregoryno6 Says:

    Reblogged this on The mind is an unexplored country. and commented:
    Ike Jakson has some dodgy characters in his sights. He’d be keen to hear from you if you’ve done business with them. Or had the business done to you by them.

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