Christmas 2014 and I and You

It is now 04:44:45 AM as I sit on my keyboard. Dawn will be out in about one hour where I live.

 I have been up a few times during the night but the idea to do this got me out of bed.

It will be my 75th Christmas but I can’t remember anything about the first one in 1940 because I was only a few months old at the time; in fact I now realize that I cannot remember anything about my birth.

My awareness of life started with my 6th Christmas and I remember many vividly though there is a faded era of them in my twenties; why this is so I don’t know.

Anyway, all of them since I retired [the 14th one today] stand out in my memories; this is the 6th one that I am the oldest male survivor in two generations of the clan. It is also the third one on which I will be the oldest one in longevity of males in the clan. Please note that I am not the leader of the clan; that honor belongs to the son of our first brother. It was unanimous in the clan because his father had been the undisputed leader or the clan. We still inherit these things in the life I was born into and lived.

Between my 55th and 60th Christmases I had a lot of dealings with retiring people because that was the business I was in but I had not yet developed any prolonged relationships with retired people; the past 14 years that’s about the only relationships I have developed because most of us in the small town where I reside are retired.

I have come to realize that money doesn’t mean much to me. When I retired one million was an enormous fortune of money in a retirement package; mine wasn’t anywhere near that. I have survived and must admit that I find the current Media obsession with money slightly offensive.

I want to be happy today and walk about town just shaking hands with every person I shall come across. It is a good life.

I have learned to pray again the past few years and will remember a few names I shall refer to when praying today. If anyone who knows me would like to remember my name when you pray, I know that Someone will be listening.

The year ahead will be a tough one for the World. It will be a Year to Remember for many; some hard decisions will have to be made by Mankind. I am only mentioning that in passing; today it must wait for when it comes.

Dawn has just arrived; at 05:23:11 AM on the computer clock.

Have a wonderful Christmas 2014.

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