Days Weeks Months Years final update 1910 to 1960

You have by now read:

If not, do so first before you proceed with this Post. We find ourselves “in the first days” of the current half century 2010 to 2060 right now. You will soon see the pointers to that in the one you are reading now.

In order to follow my line I want to add a few important notes on 1910 to 1960. I could have done it in the previous Post but kept it out for now.

We could call that the era of mass production and war. The Industrial Revolution of way back when had started with mass production but on a limited scale, nothing compared to the mass production of armaments and transport [planes, ships and road vehicles] of the half decade 1910 to 1960 that we are discussing now. Much of this mass production was for the 2nd World War but enough was left over and they had not stopped the production when Korea offered the opportunity of another War where the stuff could be used for killing people so in rushed the Americans to use the stuff and to make some money out of it.

The final point, because 1960 was now right round the corner and Kennedy was waiting in the wings.

If there ever was a stupid and unnecessary War it was Korea. This little country hangs there like the bottom and legs of a man from the mainland of China on her left and Japan on her right with Russia sitting round the top of China What on earth did the Americans intend to achieve in that War with Korea?

History has since confirmed that though America had to take Japan out in the 2nd World War in their interests and the safety interests of the World, and though a brave and noble America added magnificently in other parts to end the War, it was the Russians, not America, that finally broke Hitler’s armies. America suddenly woke up to the fact that Russia was there and got a fright. The communist bogey man was created, and into the Korean War they jumped, way out of their territory and field of influence. It was really stupid.

All that America achieved in the years of the Korean War was that it made Douglass MacArthur a name to remember as a brilliant soldier and logistician, and from a strange almost quixotic overlap of letters that would lead to some confusion between the two in later years created McCarthyism [from a lousy politician] that would hand the White House to Kennedy in 1960 though by a very small margin.

My next Post in the series will cover 1960 to 2010, what was to become the half century of Mandela and to a smaller or lesser degree that of Africa.

Mandela had looked with anxious eyes at India getting independence in 1947, then turned red, blue and all other colors with fury when Ghana in 1957 snapped his chance to be the first in Africa because he, the great Mandela had always deemed that to be his sole prerogative.

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