Days, weeks and Centuries Africa 1960 to 2010 Part Two

We are here at last; in the middle of the screen in Large Bold: The Half Century of Africa. It was their Manifest Destiny, and the only one they would ever have. The eyes of the World turned and tuned in on Sub-Saharan Africa when JFK stepped into the White House on January 20th of 1961.

I was at this point in what was to be a high quality analysis of South and Southern Sub-Saharan Africa, about the role of the computer in Africa and the final beautiful day of April 27th of 1994 when we rejoined the family of World Nations as a free multi-racial South Africa when I received the Bangkok Thailand email that I published in:

Full sice Zuma and one spouse

Fatso and one spousal Unit.

My thinking changed after that. In the aforementioned Post on Fatso you really have it all and there is very little I can add to make it sound a little more positive.

All I can do is add this Link for your edification:

If you want to go to some trouble as we all must at many different times to Google the names in the Posts you will have all you need of the rest.

Then read:


I have given this a lot of thought. If you don’t have enough time now, first do whatever you have to with other things, then return to this Post and repeat it a number of times until you get it all.

In all of this you will have Southern and particularly South Africa 1960 to 2010 plus the next generation, say, to 1935 or one more to take us to 2060?

By then, unless America can pull something out of the hat Africa will be controlled by China and America to her side of the pond. Europe, the Euro, and the Euro Zone will change, argue, fight and generally make a lot of noise but will remain fractured each with its own problems but with Russia as the undisputed leader and Switzerland to keep an eye on the money supply for many decades to come.

Homogeny is, contrary to general wisdom, not only a matter of genes; in fact it is a lot more than that; homogeny of purpose, order, standards and the Rule of Law will shape the future of our World or ….. what we have now will crack at the seams and the proletariat will reclaim their rightful place in Societies around the Globe.


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  1. JP Says:

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    Simple really, read and follow the links.
    For those a bit slow:
    S-i-m-p-l-e r-e-a-l-l-y, r-e-a-d and f-o-l-l-o-w t-h-e l-i-n-k-s.

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