The case of the disbanded Nelson Mandela Jury


Nelson Mandela was released from prison on Sunday February 11th 1990 and took office as the first Black President of Paton’s Cry the Beloved Country after the Freedom Election on April 27th 1994. He died in 2013 Tuesday December 5th in Johannesburg.

The old fellow, by then widely known as and referred to as Madiba survived on life support for longer than usual while the incumbent Jacob Zuma had to make the announcements that Madiba was still well and being well cared for on the dot early morning every day for how long. He was obviously happy to be released from this onerous duty when the last day ended.

Mandela was saved from the gallows by an international deal that meant he had to accept life imprisonment with certain guarantees and enough money. When he was freed from prison the dealmakers threw some more money in plus a shared Nobel with FW de Klerk, the last White President. When the Old Wannabe Icon complained about the latter Ronald Reagan said “no no hang in here old goat, you will accept that and drop the communist shit” at which the old terrorist balked and threatened to walk out of the discussion. This happened the year when GH Bush was running for the White House and the stories go that the old cowboy got up and said: “right George, let him go, but no security detail from us; if he wannabee President, let him be, but American protection to keep him alive until then stops right here. Go on George, you tell him.”

Mandela understood that and after some more talk about money the deal was in. Some versions of the story will have it that Reagan also wanted Mandela to stop his open support of Gadaffi, which the old goat accepted after some more balking but as soon as he was President he infuriated the Americans by taunting them loud at every opportunity he got on International Television “Your enemies are not our enemies” about Gadaffi.

The deal included one 5 year presidential term for Mandela and maximum two five year terms for all after him. America approved Thabo Mbeki as Mandela’s successor but balked at Jacob Zuma to be Mbeki’s first Vice President; on that Mandela stood his ground because he wanted to prevent any greater power to the rightful leader of the Zulu Nation, Chieftain Mangosuthu Buthelezi. The Americans came up with a “face-saving” solution that Buthelezi would be “Acting President for Life” whenever both the first two went on their many jaunts around the World at the same time. In this manner Chieftain Buthelezi currently holds the record for the “most ever occasions as Acting President” ever in Africa and nobody is ever going to touch him on that point.

Jacob Zuma however had his own agenda. An immoral creature with a lust for money and power, corrupt down to his bootlaces was waiting for his chance and when Mbeki was forced to fire him as VP halfway during his second term Zuma neatly turned the tables on him in a bloodless coup by having Mbeki ousted as ANC Leader [which was always the natural position of the incumbent President], then followed up by firing Mbeki as President and put one of his own in as caretaker President. He duly after a while took over from the caretaker who had in the meantime ensured Zuma’s re-election as Leader of the ANC. That’s Africa 2010 vintage. What it will be like in 2060 is anyone’s guess.

When it became quite obvious by early 2013 that Old Nelson was not going to get to his full centenary all and sundry visited for the dubious honor of being able to say they had met the Icon of Africa and the World. Oprah came; even Tiger Woods got his chance. The Bama waited too long and when he did try [and did he try?] he was declined to have his moment of glory. Everyone who was someone and an entire merry band that together was nothing started publishing their versions of the Great Man. I refrained and said the jury would be out for quite a while before history would be able to produce a generally accepted verdict on the truth about Mandela the Man.

In one place I want so far as to say that I guess that we may have a verdict by the year 2074; not sooner.

I was wrong!

The country was expecting a week or weeks of remembrance on the first anniversary in 2014 but everything petered out and we had a non-event. It has turned out that the young people born 1990 and afterwards and are in their early twenty’s this year are just not interested in the past. The hullabaloo died with the Man.

Mandela will still have his Statue on Trafalgar to remind the British of their silly moment of appeasement to put it there but otherwise Mandela will be a forgotten man by 2020.

There will be no jury verdict; the jury has resigned and vanished into the four corners of the wind. Our World of today is beset with other problems; we have to come to terms with Davos and the poor. One thing is sure: Mandela will never happen again. You can read that in two different ways but I shall let you decide.

 I don’t want to be wrong again. My Long Walk has ended and I am going back to my roots to find the point where I took the wrong turn on the Walk from which the ANC left me in 1998.

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5 Responses to “The case of the disbanded Nelson Mandela Jury”

  1. nolanimrod Says:

    A long walk indeed. So many way-points and many of them on the rim of a canyon with alimitless, unimpeded vista but the visibility down to less that on a windy road in a thick fog.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nimrod

      I like your description of the conditions; it fits the Journey of Life too. Your words made it sound so real.

  2. nolanimrod Says:

    Speaking of fog, we got 2 inches of the snow everybody was raving about and closing the schools over. Right now it’s -11°C (or 13°F in civilized terms).

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Nimrod,

      Thanks for two comments. It’s a bonus but I am sitting inside my abode with my cool air blower on me; it’s real nice and comfortable but we have a 33 in C outside, which would make it 91.4 F in civilized country. But I prefer to be here right now; don’t like snow; would love a nice 80 F but we can’t choose everything.

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