Greece is an old Country. That’s point one that you have to remind yourself of when you read about the present day Greece and the EU stand-off.

There are nine more points:

Point 2 = ditto

Points 3 to 10: same as points 1 and 2.

Now you read a modern day comparison between Greece and Germany by Leopold Scholtz, the latter whom I regard as the only modern writer sufficiently experienced to write about these matters. Here is the link:

Then you have to read this:

It’s a little long [measuring 54 pages in size 18 Verdana for my eye] but worth it. You will also have a good few laughs of joy; it is extremely well written.

Lastly, what with all the hullabaloo about the EU, Russia and Germany, just take the globe and see whether you can locate Turkey and Cyprus in relationship to Greece on the map of our old World.

 Then sit down and think. Think about your home country wherever you may live and think about the above. Figure out what you gotta do back home before you speak about Greece, Russia, Turkey and the EU.

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