Greece the EU the WORLD and the ugly TRUTH about MONEY

Read this:

When love goes out the back door divorce discussions soon end up in fights about money. It can get bad between husband and wife; with so many partners sharing and sleeping around in the EU brothel it may get real messy.

It may even end up worse than the mess we have in South Africa right now.

But don’t you oh great World out there think that you will escape the wrath of the poor.

I have read a number of the prophecies of doom and more often than not had to laugh. Most times they are really nothing but hidden efforts to lure the uninformed into “escape routes” in which the ignorant will lose their money in any event, most times faster than in what they warn you against.

The ugly truth is that almost the entire World Financial System is bankrupt, except maybe [please note the maybe] China and Russia. Yes you may laugh this one off. Most countries are over populated and, again with the exception of China and Russia, are divided within themselves.

In the entire rest of the World financial wizards have convinced governments that the solution is to spend and consume. That is the way to go, they say, and countries where they don’t even have the logistics to get basic foodstuff to the homes of the poor have taken to consumption with glee and enthusiasm.

Now laugh this one off too if you wish.

Greece is sitting with all the aces and all the trump cards. See, they have nothing to lose.

Frau Merkel may just be the first to make one wrong move and the House of cards [computer chip money really] will fall and be blown away by the wind.

 All the money going through the Stock Exchanges of the World isn’t worth a handful of computer chips.

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4 Responses to “Greece the EU the WORLD and the ugly TRUTH about MONEY”

  1. Nolanimrod Says:

    Ikester – if you’re right then the only logical path would be to party hearty and make hay while the sun still shines.

    And if you’re wrong?

    Well, gee – that seems like a pretty good prescription.

    You are one of the world’s good ones; don’t let the bad guys have all the fun!

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nimrod, firstly for your wisdom and secondly for your advice. I am arranging my life to cover myself in both events.

  2. Araminta Says:

    Dear Ike,

    Thanks to Cheech, I’ve discovered you are still blogging. Just to say hello, and I do hope you and the family are well.

    Kind regards,


    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Araminta

      That’s very gracious of you; thank you ever so much. Yes, the family is fine but I am getting old now. Still kicking though, just doing my thing.

      Drop by whenever you wish.


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