I have Conquered

I made it today.

 It was kind of made for me by something in a small local e-Mag called the Daily Maverick. They deserve and get the recognition.

 It jumped out from the daily quote just below the headline of yesterday’s edition but I only got to read it just now.

 Commence quote:

“This man has conquered the world! What have you done?”

The philosopher replied without an instant’s hesitation, ‘I have conquered the need to conquer the world’.”
Steven Pressfield, historian and all-round fantastic writer. It’s Friday, don’t try and take over the world. That’s a Monday kind of task.

Ends Quote.

The Maverick is worth reading for its wide coverage of events of the day and reflections of history affecting current events. It covers politics for all tastes, which is a rare achievement in a World of partisan divisions. Research is of a high standard; it covers major sport events, a daily cartoon by Jerm and even gives you a short glimpse of weather conditions around the World for the day.

 It’s almost two hours after midnight. I have conquered and hope to keep it that way. Good night Folks.

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