Air Force One has a New Owner

It is actually a brand new One and it is smarter and better with a lot more Hi-Tech than the one that the little Bama klonkie now flies.

Here it is:

[Heck, I can’t get the pic in and it got several awards on its own too; will keep on trying]

Meantime, see:

 for the picture.

Watch the finger, klonkie. If you know what’s good for you, get a new version of your limmo ready for him too.

Emperor of all the riches of All of Africa, the Honorable Jacob Regop Zuma of the eighteen wives.

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4 Responses to “Air Force One has a New Owner”

  1. Ike Jakson Says:

    Here is an easier link to the Cartoon:

  2. cheechdog Says:

    Ike, I’ve never mentioned this to anyone but you have just said what has been on my mind.
    He is just like most Africans who get power. They turn into corrupt dictators.

    Regarding voting. Twenty one would be fine for me with the exception of anyone serving in the military.

    I served for three years and was never of legal age. I went in at age 17 and out at 20. Anyone who is serving in the armed forces should have a vote regardless of their age.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      We have been through a tough time in our family and the country since we spoke last time, and then something happened today; well, kind of before the day ended by the time I realized that what we need to do in the family is to just stop at sunset a few hours ago, go to bed early [which is what I did] and the thought was to start fresh tomorrow.

      I saw your comment when I woke up just now and it suddenly was like the first thing to do after where we ended the day just a few hours ago.

      We need to get back to basics in this??? World that is running helter skelter like a runaway locomotive downhill with a mile long stretch of broken rails at the bottom,

      I agree with you about the armed forces in voting age; after all, the soldier in uniform at 17 is prepared to die for his country and should therefore, have the right to vote on what is expected from the military, but a general voting age of 16 would be suicidal to the school kids in LA or SF, Seattle or anywhere.

      It’s become the same in our financial World; snot-nosed kids of 25 years old are running vast computer systems [and may even be good at the computer], but they simply don’t have the experience to know about the repercussions for sending vast amounts of Forex transactions into the cesspool finance has become. That kid should not have the vote at all.

      It’s a complex subject and needs mature minds. The idea of blanket voting power at 16 horrifies the hell outa me.

  3. Ike Jakson Says:

    Sorry Charlie

    I missed this before and just happened to see it. Thanks for visiting. IkeJ

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