America in the final days before self-destruction

Various versions of the rise and the fall of Rome have been written [by many] and the rise, fall and destruction or the demise of countries, monetary systems, and civilizations are well chronicled.

In most of the recorded history of these events famous writers and serious students have been at it, with aplomb but also often presenting different opinions about the background or the reasons leading up to these events.

Self-destruction has been mentioned in some instances; the words willful or bizarre have been used but as far as I know there has never been a convincing case for stating political expedience as a major cause of such a tragedy.

That’s when the old cliché that “there is always a first time for anything” comes into play.

America has now clearly indicated that they have entered such a phase.

Why, yes why oh why oh why, will be asked by many.

There was this massive controversy about where Obama was born. America ended up fractured and divided and those opposing the man and accusing him of lying about where he was born became sarcastically labeled as “the birthers” as if it mattered where the silly arrogant somebitch started breathing on his own.

Then there was His Muslim Faith. It caused an uproar and America was further divided and torn apart, to which I said but Folks, can’t you see the Man is neither Muslim, nor Evangelical, nor anything to do with Faith. He purely uses Religion. Obama has no Faith and owes his allegiances to no one but to himself.

Obama can only be described as a Terrorist of the worst possible kind. Some emotional supporter penned a highly emotional gleeful victory phrase, almost as if a prayer song, [I think it was published in the Time Ragazine in early 2009] which read “He came, he saw, and Conquered.” Probably the writer unwittingly wrote the only truth ever about the man.

Obama did come, yes and he saw what he could do, then set about doing what was always his sole intention. The man is not an idiot; he has a highly developed and able mind but unfortunately also a warped sick and twisted brain and mindset.

When he became a social [community] activist and joined a church he had the White House in mind. Let’s give the devil his due; he carried it off like a Master. He had studied the sociology of America and studied it well; his timing, his actions, activities happened not by chance; they were part of a brilliant design, brilliantly executed.

What he saw when he came was that America was ripe and ready socially and in its politics, to be broken at his whim. He went about it acting each day on what needed to be done on that day, and the next one, and the next …. And he conquered.

He has destroyed America’s social fabric; the good that was left of inter-race relationships and improving, he tore apart; in its place he is going to leave a vulnerable Society that will self-destruct and he will be his own private version of the Messiah that he always wanted to be in his sick twisted mind.

He has little time left; it therefore, came as no surprise to me yesterday that he is going to reduce the voting age to 16. In American demographics that will rob the Red States of any chance that they might have had for 2016.

He will end up living in Hawaii. Heaven knows why America ever acquired those rocks. I hope you give it back to Michener’s dreams of the grandiose Kingdom it once was [according to Michener] and leave it. Move your naval and military base facilities back home. You never needed Hawaii in the first place.


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