Velocity Trade will be closed down by Old Mutual SA and Nedbank SA

Yes, mark my words you are on your way out.

You run a profiteering racket; you know it AND I KNOW IT. Old Mutual and Nedbank will know it from me within days.

Now, you can call this blackmail as you tried with me before. Go ahead and try it again.

You are cheats, liars and greedy sleazebags but you thought I would run and disappear like all your other victims; well, as you know I didn’t and I assure you I won’t. You asked for a fight and now you will have it.

I have plenty of evidence; the court will decide on that. You have lied and tried to divert the attention away from the final statements that you still refuse to supply; you have tried denial and you have tried deceiving to wiggle your way out of it. Old Mutual SA and Nedbank SA will now ask you to supply it. This tells me they will:

See: Old Mutual CEO 89.8 million in the above, and then the next one:

That’s enough for now. Call it whatever you like and do whatever you like. I am going to look for sponsors and support from all your other victims and will do it all in the open. Just take it I am coming for yeah!

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