Practice whistling Dixie through your ass but …

Black Africans, I have just had to learn and realized they are right, cannot be racists. The reason is so simple I cannot understand how I missed it even through my extreme liberal years. They are black and black cannot possibly be racist.

 On the other hand and conversely, it is now perfectly clear to me that my mind was previously out of kilter. It was malfunctioning, wrong, skew, just plain dumb.

 White people are by their nature all racists. Read it all and follow the logic of commenter Graziella Mali right in here:

How can I make such a statement? Easy; with a white skin according to Lady Mali you can stand on your head and if you practice well and long enough you will eventually be able to whistle Dixie through your white ass but you will remain racist by the color of your skin.

Get that? Go on practicing with diligence; sooner or later you will manage a melodious fine rendition of Dixie but you still won’t get the race thingie. We are doomed by the color of our skin. Stupid White Men, as Michael Moore said.


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2 Responses to “Practice whistling Dixie through your ass but …”

  1. nolanimrod Says:

    We also got Jacob Zuma. Serial philanderer, polygamist, accused rapist, accused nepotist, accused corruptible puppet for the Guptas and Sheiks of the world. I know he is a politician, but come on people, there surely has to be some limit.

    Some limit? Ha-ha-ha-ha! Bill Clinton’s famously scimitar-shaped dick got him worth millions. Serial philandering, raping, and corruption may get you denounced but if you have the feminists on your side you need not worry about your old age pension.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Nimrod

      I didn’t expect so much and therefore, appreciate it even more.

      You have it on the button; in the case of Zuma and Clinton I could not have put it better.

      The corrupt, incorrigible and immoral are ruling the World today and they are above the law; or so they think. I went to bed early last night and slept like a log first time in quite a while because decisions started forming in my mind. I am going to give some of these nut cases a hard time from now on. Just watch me.


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