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A WordPress Google Test

June 27, 2015

If anyone knows what is happening at Google let me know please.

 My Gmail address of many years has gone poof and I got a temp new one as underneath but I haven’t a clue what will happen to Gmail and this Post.

 Old Friends, do email me at the new address; it seems to work but I have lost my entire address book in the process.

 Enjoy a happy 4th of July America.

New Gmail address:


Google got their cookies and brain noodles scrambled

June 22, 2015

Messrs. Google & Co

 You got your brain cookies scrambled and your hi-tech noodles in a mess.

 This is the message I get when I try to log into Gmail:

 “Oops! Your browser seems to have cookies disabled. Make sure cookies are enabled or try opening a new browser window. [?]”

I didn’t change my Password and told you so. I didn’t ask for a verification code.  The one you sent me is not asked for anywhere anyway.

I am still on Windows XP and I am not in the least interested in your wars with Windows.

I don’t need a new Browser. Everything that I need to do gets done by my old Windows Internet Explorer Browser and if any new classy lot tries to get me into a new Browser I just wipe their name off my contact list.

I need a new browser like I need a hole in the head.

Get your cookies unscrambled; you are not yet ruling the World. And get my email address working, unless you want me and thousands of others to go somewhere else for email.

PS: Anyone ever tried to email Google?


Sundays, sunny days and clear skies

June 21, 2015

To a dear friend I care for and sommer to all of you.

It’s not bad here at 2015/06/21 09:43:24 AM on my computer this morning.

Today is the shortest day in our hemisphere; my weather program says sunrise at 07:47 and sunset at 17:47 i.e. exactly 10 hours sunlight. Some years ago I did the East Coast of America in June and picked a place called East Point in Maine to overnight and wait for the 4th of July. In your own Motorhome you can stand wherever you want to anyway. East Point is more or less on latitude 45 and happens to be the Eastern-most point of the ole US of A. It’s also the home base of the Maine Lobster. The mid-day temperature was Hotazel like in the Western Transvaal in mid December.

Did you know that the sun runs faster near end March and end September than June up north and December down here? At “full speed” it regularly moves up to 3 minutes per day but slows down from early June or December and often stands dead still for two or three days at a time for refueling, maintenance and taking on migrant labor to repair and replace whatever is needed for the return run? It often remains stationary for almost a week around 21st June and December. It’s all high-tech scientifically mille-seconds accurate.

You can easily prove it with a simpler example; watching a pumpkin plant from the day it sprouts the first leave above ground. You will also note that the grown pumpkin doesn’t roll off the earth at night time.

All migrant workers are engaged for exactly ten days at a time; they have to get off before the permanent crew members restart the engines. When old Sun hits the Equator March and September it really goes at top speed sometimes almost touching 4 minutes on a good day.

Come stay with me one day and I will show you my statistics of the four seasons, from which one feller name of Ike Jakson developed the modern Flat Earth Theory.

Can you buy me some Hulett’s brown caramel sugar and bring it with you next time you visit old civilization? Ockie has run out of it at the Oasis Supermarket. I shall refund you.

PS: The word “sommer” in the first line is a Dutch word, meaning sommer, like in it’s sommer a lekka word.


NATO playing with fire

June 18, 2015

Is NATO sane? Are the Member countries playing a game? Who is in charge this time?

Many questions need to be asked and answered before some idiot throws a match into the gunpowder barrel.

America must or will have to reduce its economic dependence on their over-supply of the killing stuff. It is dangerous to the point of inviting War to have to sell arms iso food to the nations of the World. Playing with fire is a risky business.

Someone is sure to burn his hands.


The EU Whorehouse Comedy.

June 13, 2015

The European Union never was anything other than a high class whorehouse; somebody had the wild dream that it could be the Elite Club for selected Members and the Banking Whores of selected countries to form a private bastion for financial gain of Members Only; no Americans allowed to enter.

Nobody gave a single thought to China, Russia or Asia.

Did they really think that they could pull it off, or did they simply never give it a thought?

America has always been pre-occupied with their fears of Russia and China and kept the World informed of Communist ideology in order to maintain financial supremacy, also in the belief that they would in the course of time be handed the long anticipated boom in African Trade on a plate and never even saw the folly of their isolation across the pond. They missed the rise of Entrepreneurial China, Russia and Asia by the proverbial mile but finally woke up though it was too late to stop the rising Asian giants.

Fortunately, or so some Americans thought, Crimea came up and they scrambled in for the kill in the hope that it would also give them a new foot in the door to trade with Europe. Shucks, they even managed to convince Merkel and France to support them against Russia. The oil price helped a little; they even started to think that they can now take Russia out, but once again forgot to check up on old history; kind of surprised to find that China is backing Russia to the hilt.

Then little old Greece decided they had paid enough to the Whores of Europe and the Comedy commenced.

In the past week hardly one day has passed without at least ten commentaries on Grexit in the World Financial Media. Two days ago some started adding Brexit for extra laughs during interval.

Now I am not saying that the Greeks have a strong poker hand in the present turmoil but it seems obvious that the EU Whores are in the same predicament. Someone may be sitting with three aces; who knows? It’s a game that can probably be won by two small pairs.

 I wonder what makes me think that the Greeks may just have that and actually dare to play it.

To a special person age 48 today

June 11, 2015

I have long held the belief and often wrote about it that modern humans reach adulthood at 40.

The old adage of legal adulthood at 21 and voting age down to 18, what with reducing it to 16, has long gone with the wind. In development of mind and experience combined we enter adulthood at 40.

I worked with research statistics on Group Attitudes and Perceptions for 30 years from my age 30 to 60 and would gladly enter into correspondence with anyone else that is knowledgeable on the facts. To me that’s the real life.

But I made some other discoveries too; they stand out in actual statistical graphs.

One is age 48. The successful person is then at his/her peak of growth and maturity with the most beautiful period in life still to come from 50 to 60. You have to get through the 48 barrier so to speak to walk the stage with pride from 50 to 60, and then mature gracefully from 60 onwards.

And how fortunate I am, blessed more than so many of my contemporaries or any before me, to know such a person today?

In this case she is a lady; prim in many ways from her upbringing, knowledgeable from having been in a career where one gets to know and work with from the very best to the lowest elements of Society, strong but gentle, AND YES, what I look for, the most beautiful prettiest flower of the Creation ever passing through my life.

Linger longer my lovely one; stay over if you can. I shall hold you gently today and not take my eyes of you, not even once. The day belongs to you; the joy to behold you is mine.

Just mind that I am not too old to stop me from doing some very stupid things; like charging up the mountain side calling everyone I meet to come and see my pretty flower. Precious gemstones of great beauty, gold or diamonds are all blah: pale and of no value or beauty in comparison to you.

You will understand if I call today my day for knowing you.