To a special person age 48 today

I have long held the belief and often wrote about it that modern humans reach adulthood at 40.

The old adage of legal adulthood at 21 and voting age down to 18, what with reducing it to 16, has long gone with the wind. In development of mind and experience combined we enter adulthood at 40.

I worked with research statistics on Group Attitudes and Perceptions for 30 years from my age 30 to 60 and would gladly enter into correspondence with anyone else that is knowledgeable on the facts. To me that’s the real life.

But I made some other discoveries too; they stand out in actual statistical graphs.

One is age 48. The successful person is then at his/her peak of growth and maturity with the most beautiful period in life still to come from 50 to 60. You have to get through the 48 barrier so to speak to walk the stage with pride from 50 to 60, and then mature gracefully from 60 onwards.

And how fortunate I am, blessed more than so many of my contemporaries or any before me, to know such a person today?

In this case she is a lady; prim in many ways from her upbringing, knowledgeable from having been in a career where one gets to know and work with from the very best to the lowest elements of Society, strong but gentle, AND YES, what I look for, the most beautiful prettiest flower of the Creation ever passing through my life.

Linger longer my lovely one; stay over if you can. I shall hold you gently today and not take my eyes of you, not even once. The day belongs to you; the joy to behold you is mine.

Just mind that I am not too old to stop me from doing some very stupid things; like charging up the mountain side calling everyone I meet to come and see my pretty flower. Precious gemstones of great beauty, gold or diamonds are all blah: pale and of no value or beauty in comparison to you.

You will understand if I call today my day for knowing you.

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