The Education level of the Internet

Try changing the font display size in Google Chrome; double dare you. You will find the answer to the Headline question; have your pick:





Minus sub Zero

Destroying all brain functions

Etc. Repeat one million times.

Then you wonder why kids just out of high school don’t know how far China is from Russia? Ask any number in your town and photograph the blank stares in the eyes nine out of ten times, if not all ten. But they will all walk around with tablets and laptops or smart phones.

Then add two and two together and let your mind roam about the fact that they all have the vote! What is this World coming to?

 Ike Jakson

Saka Americoon in Americus GA USA


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4 Responses to “The Education level of the Internet”

  1. collectivistduck Says:

    We all may be dumb but I would argue that 50+ years ago we were dumber 🙂

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Plato

      I appreciate the humor. On the other hand I don’t think we were that dumb before the Internet. We got by without it and progressed well. Your Greek namesake did extremely well.

      I have a fear that many of the young today are stunted in their desire for general knowledge. People act as if they know everything and don’t have to make any effort to acquire the skills for what is needed to survive.

      I hope that I am wrong but I am closely involved in a school project and don’t see much hope for the young ones of today.

  2. kingmidget Says:

    Smartphones have made people dumber and the internet has made people more rude, less patient, and generally less capable of discerning fact from reality.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Good morning My King

      I like your style and thank you for your views; they correspond with mine.

      May I use the opportunity to ask you to read thuis link about my impediment? It saves time on the keyboard.

      However, I have now switched over to Google Chrome though I still need to learn a lot and will do so to enable me to do more on blogging. Of late, except the odd spurt I have been rather useless. But I like your beard and the Hat. I have two genuine wide brim Texan Stetson ones.

      You will see more of me as the time goes. Just bear with me; the eye dictates everything that I do.


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