In Memorial to Eric Goodall

One of the finest sons of Old England would have been 86 today; he was a great man and he was my friend.

 I have never forgotten you, Eric.  As you can see I always kept your birthday and I saw it coming up on my computer diary this day.  Don’t know and can’t explain why I didn’t think about doing this before but here it is.

 Your dear and pretty wife, Elyshia, and you played a massive role in the successes I made and were always there when I was down.  Your lovely daughter, Sally, when we last spoke about ten year ago was married and living in Germany; young Jason was doing England proud in South Africa but all my efforts to try locating him failed.  Why have I forgotten your first son’s name?  Was it David or Andrew?

 I am sure where you are now my two brothers who are also there would have liked to meet you if they could find you.

 I was looking forward so much to meet you when you came out here again that year; must have been about 2005 and you fell ill while you were here in Cape Town so we couldn’t meet, and then I changed email address more than once but always wrote you to the one I had of you until I had to realize that you had probably moved on.

 Any one of your family may email me any time they wish.

 Happy birthday, old Friend.  My keyboard has just recorded the new day down our way, Friday, July 24, 2015.  This year about the same time of the year as today we have known each other 44 years.  It was in 1971 when we met; you remember?  In Old Johannesburg, but Old African Life that you helped build has changed and is no more.  Our daughter is now a citizen on your old shores.  The South Africa you helped build is no more.

 Jeff Francis passed on I heard.  The man of old Ireland, Fiacre O’Hanrahan has also gone I suppose.

 Let one of your young ones email me.  I would like to talk to them.  I will be 75 on the 3rd of next month, you remember?  Your god-daughter has worked and added three specialist degrees behind her name.  I so wished she could learn to get to know you but it was not to be.

 Rest well, my friend.  You always were and still are a very special man.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


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