History Part 3 on Parallels and Analysis

An event or more than one event can in the course of time be viewed as history; it has happened that a link or parallels in a series of events can in time be seen as history in formation but one event that takes place today can in no way for sure be said to have made history on the day the event occurs.


Many interpretations of history are sometimes used to support the cliché that “history repeats itself” but no one has yet provided any detail of which event of today will repeat itself and where. We live in a too fast and an ever faster changing world to predict the future on current events.


Having said in History Part 2 that any interpretation of history depends on who wrote the book and/or who reads it as well as when it was written and when it is read one only has to look at the huge wars with words between races, cultures, religions on [just one example] the death penalty. It seems half of the World wants it abolished entirely and the other half wants to make it mandatory for serious offences.


Presumably all participants in this war have access to the same sources of past history.


Allow me some mischief, please.


The death penalty is a very old matter; let us have a look at more recent times and use the Internet as an example. Man had by 1990 [a bare 25 years ago] established the basics for the Internet and we had email.


Came the explosion of technology and within the same generation it started half of the World wants to curb the excesses of the new miracle but the other half is shouting for freedom of speech, the press and liberty for all. Who is right and who is wrong?


The greatest anomaly of modern time is money. The rich have no money at all; what they possess is a link to the Internet; the poor are the only ones still using money because they can’t afford bank charges. In the meantime articles by the dozen are published daily on Tsunami floods of fraud, hot-money laundering and Forex trillions in mille-seconds going around but nothing for the poor.


Where is the history of the Internet taking us? Where is the precedent to guide us?


The predictions of the author of 1984 came and left without much ado; perhaps we will end up with his Animal Farm 2020. They are the only creatures that make sense with their innate ability to adapt one day at a time. Strong, sturdy, meek, graceful, whether small and tiny, great or large, patiently using only what they need. Yes, they will survive, to protect Mankind in his madness to destroy his own species.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon



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