I shall put my faith in the Sun

Blah all modern science, Einstein, Darwin and their Ilk; as a Naturalist I shall base my hopes in the Sun.


It is not a good year to be that foolhardy but my Old Sun has been around the globe a good few years and I shall continue to believe that it will pull it off again no matter what Global Warmists, Freezers, Climate Changers and Al Gore has to say.


I shouldn’t be too hard on the Climate Change Lobbyists because change is an ongoing process no matter how hard Mankind may try to screw it up.


August 3rd, my birthday 75 years ago this year, normally heralds the arrival of spring where I live at Latitude/longitude: 32°28′46″S18°32′18″E, in the southern hemisphere you will note.


For all you guys still sticking to Fahrenheit, a good bet to convert is C times 1.8 plus 32.  That makes 10°C exactly 50°F and so on until you get 40°C giving you 104°F in Dallas TX in June.


Right now our night temps should be averaging around 15 at night with 25 plus at midday.  In stead we have had low single digits [down to 3° the night before last] and 11, 12, 13’s day time.


This is the second year in a row, which makes you worry a little.  Last year it took half of my almost full grown guava tree but it recovered a little during the summer; two weeks ago the black frost hit it again.  All the leaves right around the entire tree had turned a sickly black.  I called ole Rip down from the hills and we took a couple of branches off, thick sturdy ones 3 inches circumference; inside sat a small core of about half an inch.


“Take the tree out and plant a new one before the heat of December,” ole Rip advised.


“The sun is a little behind this year,” said the wise old scorcher.


I checked up my personal diary that I keep up to date; yes, truly today we are 61 days following the Northern lift-off over America.  That means at even speed our day should have stretched by 80 minutes since then.  Instead we are at 65 minutes today.


“Don’t fret,” old Rip said, “it gained a full 3 minutes yesterday and will pass the equator at full speed before it starts slowing down for the December maintenance crews to get it ready for the return start-up December 21st.


I am reassured; it’s nature.  Perhaps we had a few human germs too many down here this winter, to freeze out this year but we will soon be back to normal.


“You bet,” said old Rip, “comes December you will have a dark tan while your palls are having their balls frozen off up North.  “Trust the Sun, trust Nature, and trust in The Lord.”  That was his departing shot.


I shall follow his advice.  I didn’t mention Darwin to ole Rip; it is not a good idea to do that when the old guy visits; he is still the old school original Naturalist, and so am I.


Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon



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