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America today and how times have changed

October 27, 2015

I found myself in a flood of memories of old America half an hour ago and Googled Gary Hart.


Here are a few extracts of what is recorded; actually there are pages of it:


Gary Hart – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


For other people named Gary Hart, see Gary Hart(disambiguation). ….. What news did filter out was that he was not excluding a return to the race. ….. up ^ James Coates, “Hart Starts March For The White House: A `Deadly Serious` Campaign …

How Gary Hart’s Downfall Forever Changed American Politics…/how-garyharts-downfall-for…

The New York Times

Sep 18, 2014 – Gary Hart Credit Ian Allen for The New York Times … His famous mane, still intact but nowwhite and unruly, framed a sunburned, … “When I announced for president in 1987, we did it right up there,” Hart …. “You’re gonna want to run the country? … About 8:40 p.m. Saturday, Hart and Rice left thehouse and …

Who blabbed about Gary Hart-Donna Rice affair? | Miami …

Miami Herald

Sep 20, 2014 – Weems flatly denied it: “No, I did not call the Miami Herald.” … In the wake of the Herald story about Rice and Hart, it didn’t take other reporters long torun across Weems and Armandt. … Gone to the White House, ha ha ha!

37. Donna and the Senator – The Eighties Club

Within a matter of days Gary Hart — the leader in a crowded field of aspirants for the … A late entrance into the 1984 presidential race did not prevent Hart from giving the …. everyone in his campaign to tell the truth — and won the White House.

They were with O’Malley for Hart’s ’84 campaign. And they ……candidacy…garyh

The Washington Post

Jun 8, 2015 – Young Gary Hart aides Martin O’Malley, left, Doug Wilson, Trevor Cornwell, … a house party the day after O’Malley launched his White Housecampaign. … emboldening him to run for mayor of Baltimore in 1999 even though an early poll … “For the campaign to have ended as it did perhaps made that bond …

How Gary Hart Became the First Political Sex Scandal ……/how-garyhart-became-the-fir…

The Daily Beast

Oct 1, 2014 – In a new book on the 1987 episode that wrecked Gary Hart’s presidential … figure in a sex scandal that sank his front-running presidential campaign and provided … and lying about it—and went on to win two terms in the White House. …. I will be judged by how I did or did not use the talents that I was given.

What It Takes: The Way to the White House – › … › Elections, Inc.

What It Takes: The Way to the White House [Richard Ben Cramer] on … By delving into the lives of these men–George Bush, Robert Dole, Gary Hart, … reader to experience palpably what it feels like to run for president in 1992. …. (Bob Dole, GHW Bush, Jesse Jackson) in quite the same way you did before.


What on earth happened in America during the few short years between Hart and Clinton 1992?  I know the Internet started but that cannot be the only thing.  Operation Desert Storm could not have triggered it.


What did it?  How did the Clinton dynasty managed to take hold?


America, America, you will have to find the answers to this before you elect Hillary, the latter as it now seems to me that at least 50% of your voters are virtually demanding of you.


Do you really want to, and so badly want to find yourselves on the ash-heap of Nations of the World; for a Clinton?  Shaking my head in disbelieve?


Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon

Memoirs of America Fast forward to January 20th 2067

October 25, 2015

When I published This Previous Post I had ambitions of a long series of many others.

 I was going to tell you how I grew up in an apolitical liberal home where politics was never mentioned at a time when liberal meant kindness, generosity, respect for the aged and all the good traits of Mankind.  In short, I was going to tell you that at the age of 20 I knew nothing [like in zero, zilch and sweet blow-all nothing about politics or politicians] and I was then going to explain to you as I went on with the series how I ended up as a Liberal during my political formative years.

 There will be only one more paragraph on my formative years because something happened the other day that changed my mind about the series of Posts.  I shall tell you later, after the remaining paragraph that follows right now.

In my early twenties a good friend informed me about political realities and I started reading.  As I read more and more [remember 1960 when I was 20 was the year of Kennedy for the White House] I stayed with Liberalism and was in the process estranged from my own language group [the Dutch] and also left my Church and after a few years in the political and religious wilderness I entered Liberal Politics and eventually sent my two children to English private schools in the Anglican Church family to raise them with open minds of what I saw as the future of the World.

 Many things happened to me after 1960, I should probably say because of 1960 and what followed on that.  Suffices for now that I danced the song of Freedom with my compatriot rebel Afrikaner the Reverend Beyers Naude and Oprah Winfrey when we became a multi-racial country on April 27th 1994.

 But that changed during my honeymoon period with the ANC and I was going to devote a good few Posts to that alone when I did the previous one to introduce the idea.  However, for the same reason as above, something that has just come up, I shall now only add that the ANC left me in 1998 [as President Reagan said about the Democratic Party leaving him].  I walked back into the Wilderness and started reading things I had never been asked to read before.  In short, I soon found myself properly emerged in reading material on Russia and China, all the time becoming more immersed in the old conservative thinking of the West.  I rejoined the Afrikaner Community where I was welcomed with open arms by some and with skeptical glances from others.  The same reactions came from the church when I went back to my old roots to rejoin the Church of my youth.  But new friendships formed; soon settled well enough for me and I started looking out into the World with fresh eyes.

 In the beginning, followed by my visits to America from 1981 to 2000 [I was going to tell you all about the glory and the excitement of discovering America] I almost became an American at heart and some of my conservative contemporaries started referring to me as “that pink communist liberal who keeps on foaming around the mouth about America, why in hell doesn’t he go and stay there if he loves it so much” but some smiled and I was making some converts out of some others; so I was happy.

 Remember, to remind you one last time, this is not what I wanted to write in my series [the series is now off except for this one].

 All this was until Gadaffi 2010

 Another five years went by and this was the final trigger:

 I gave up on America after reading this gibberish.  Coming from the mouth of a trusted and knowledgeable horse, I just gave up, and also knew that it was the end of my series on Memoirs of America.

 Please allow me the opportunity to explain something of the dates on the Posts I refer to. My first one was dated October 10th and you will note that the one from the UK Guardian was dated October 8th.  It is not due to a mistake in my first one; the Guardian Post simply came to my attention a few days later after I had posted mine.  Had I known about the Guardian Post I would probably not have published mine; it was purely fortuitous that I had done it, and thus it now serves a new purpose, that of creating a glimpse of a new World arising out of what may seem like a foolish idea, but not an impossible scenario if you believe the scientific reports on sinkholes.  There was a massive discovery of a new one just recently.

 Let us proceed.

 It now seems a definite possibility that the heifer called Hillary will be elected President of America 2016 and to be inaugurated on Friday,January 20th of 2017 with husband and Former President Bill called the Stud at her side.

 At 24:00 hours midnight of Friday 20th January, 2017 with inauguration balls in full swing around America and Washington DC going Whoopee a landmass of 40 000 square miles, about 100 miles north to 100 miles south of Washington DC, stretching inland from the Atlantic with DC exactly in the middle to 200 miles inland sinks into the Atlantic ocean and gets buried under two or three miles of deep sea.  There are no survivors, except of course, the rest of America and a free world at last.

 Fast forward to Thursday 20th January, 2067.

 All Media editions around the Globe will carry headlines reading “Today 50 years ago” but the World will look a lot different from an America partying as they had never done before at 23:59 just before that midnight 50 years ago.

 To be continued under a new Post Headline.  I shall find the appropriate name when it becomes necessary; suggestions will be welcome should you wish to submit your choices anytime from now on.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


Cometh the Time…

October 15, 2015

Cometh the Man.

Putin and Bama Jim 20151015

Make your pick.

I decided on my choice and feel comfortable about it.  It’s time to have a Man in charge.  There is no place for a young poofter; the World is asking for a Man.


Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


Is this where America wants to go

October 13, 2015

Yes, America.

 You are in NATO without ever giving Russia a thought.

 You are shooting with words and dropping bombs all over Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

 At least you once had a President who visited China, and one later on who had the common sense to speak to Russia. Now you are sitting in military hardware bases on their front door steps and parading as if you won World War 2!

 Is this where you want to go to?

 Well, you are well on the way there. Shaking my head in disbelief; if you keep on working at it, you don’t have to rush it; you will get there soon enough in your own good time.  Just take it easy.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon

An Interlude with a Sefriken Boerseun [farm boy]

October 13, 2015

Aaw, why not to break with the drudgery of heavy serious Blogging about War and Politics?


A South African Boertjie was drinking in a London bar when his cellphone rang. He hung up grinning from ear to ear and ordered a round for the whole bar, announcing that his wife just gave birth to a 12kg baby boy.

Nobody could believe the weight but the South African just shrugged and said: ‘We make ’em big back home, folks.  My boy’s typically South African,’ [Sefrikens to the guys from Oz].

Congrats were showered on him and many exclamations of ‘WOW’ were heard. One woman even fainted.

Two weeks later the South African Boertjie returned to the same bar Barman asked, ‘We were going to call you, everyone’s been making bets as to how much your 12kg son weighs now, so how much does he weigh now?’

The proud father answered that he now weighed 9kg. The barman was puzzled and concerned and asked ‘What happened, he already weighed 12kg on the day he was born’.

The South African father took a slow swig from his long neck Castle beer, wiped his lips on his khaki shirt, leaned over and said: ‘Had him circumcised, boet’.

Memoirs of America Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 10, 2015

I woke up shortly after two and switched the computer on while I was waiting for the kettle to boil for my early coffee morning.


I can’t explain to you how it happened but I was suddenly back in early May of 1981, the time of my first visit to America and the thought occurred; then it stood out clearly: I want to visit America one more time before I die and must do it the way of 1981.


Having had my coffee and being flooded by memories and waves of nostalgia I Googled:


“Unocal 76 Truck Stops”


I found the usual Google stuff that you will see a few lines down from here; then pressed the button on one of them and found a picture.

 Unocal 76

I got the picture saved and will try and get it in here.  If I succeed in doing that, you will see it.  That was the trigger for the next twenty years of my life, and also, maybe the fifteen years since then to place me where and what I am today.  If I can’t get the picture in I shall do my best to get it into a follow-up.


This is what I found as mentioned a few lines up from here:


1972 Union 76 Oil Company Truck Stop Commercial …

▶ 1:01

Nov 6, 2013 – Uploaded by OsbornTramain

These Truck Stops use to be all across American, from Coast to Coast. The concept is the same as today, but …

Murphs 76 – Union 76 – Truck Stop – YouTube

▶ 0:31

Feb 9, 2013 – Uploaded by kaseyi

Murph and his buddies go fishing and come back with nothing but an appetite, so where do they stop to get …

Union 76 Photos – Page 3

This new Union 76/Unocal page consists of photos all taken by Earl Ma from 1989 to 1996. … 76 sphere visible at the 76 station on Olympic Blvd., in LA.

Unocal Truck Stop Business To Be Sold for $180 Million ……/unocal-truck-stop-business-to-be-sold-for-180-mill…

Nov 26, 1992 – Most of the 140 Unocal 76truckstops are about 20 or 30 acres in area. The amenities, besides fuel, can include restaurants, laundries, …

TravelCenters of America – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also that year, TA bought out the first chain of nationaltruckstops, Union 76, and closed/sold most of the oldtruckstops. TA kept a few and changed them over to …

Gas Stations and Truck Stops of Days gone By. on Pinterest ……/gas-stations-and-truck-stops-of-days-gone-…

Old Gas Stations and Truck Stops from the old days | See more about Old Gas Stations, … Stop Signs,Trucks Stop, Trucks Driving, Trucks Pics, Photo, Classic 76


Yes, I want to come over one more time to meet Jim and John; then I would like to get together with Lady BD and JP of etcetera, and towp, Mack and Nebraska.


I’ve got to do it and will.


To be continued; don’t know when; it may be later today, or tomorrow; maybe next week.  It doesn’t really matter when; all I know right now is that I have to do it.


Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon

For the Court of the World to decide

October 4, 2015

“The Court is now in session; let the Accused in to plead.”


 “Verdict unanimous: Guilty as charged.  This is Afghanistan and the sentence will be as and according to the Law of Afghanistan.”


Can you guess who was found guilty?  Are you guilty by association?  You had better work that out real quick.


Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon