Memoirs of America Saturday, October 10, 2015

I woke up shortly after two and switched the computer on while I was waiting for the kettle to boil for my early coffee morning.


I can’t explain to you how it happened but I was suddenly back in early May of 1981, the time of my first visit to America and the thought occurred; then it stood out clearly: I want to visit America one more time before I die and must do it the way of 1981.


Having had my coffee and being flooded by memories and waves of nostalgia I Googled:


“Unocal 76 Truck Stops”


I found the usual Google stuff that you will see a few lines down from here; then pressed the button on one of them and found a picture.

 Unocal 76

I got the picture saved and will try and get it in here.  If I succeed in doing that, you will see it.  That was the trigger for the next twenty years of my life, and also, maybe the fifteen years since then to place me where and what I am today.  If I can’t get the picture in I shall do my best to get it into a follow-up.


This is what I found as mentioned a few lines up from here:


1972 Union 76 Oil Company Truck Stop Commercial …

▶ 1:01

Nov 6, 2013 – Uploaded by OsbornTramain

These Truck Stops use to be all across American, from Coast to Coast. The concept is the same as today, but …

Murphs 76 – Union 76 – Truck Stop – YouTube

▶ 0:31

Feb 9, 2013 – Uploaded by kaseyi

Murph and his buddies go fishing and come back with nothing but an appetite, so where do they stop to get …

Union 76 Photos – Page 3

This new Union 76/Unocal page consists of photos all taken by Earl Ma from 1989 to 1996. … 76 sphere visible at the 76 station on Olympic Blvd., in LA.

Unocal Truck Stop Business To Be Sold for $180 Million ……/unocal-truck-stop-business-to-be-sold-for-180-mill…

Nov 26, 1992 – Most of the 140 Unocal 76truckstops are about 20 or 30 acres in area. The amenities, besides fuel, can include restaurants, laundries, …

TravelCenters of America – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also that year, TA bought out the first chain of nationaltruckstops, Union 76, and closed/sold most of the oldtruckstops. TA kept a few and changed them over to …

Gas Stations and Truck Stops of Days gone By. on Pinterest ……/gas-stations-and-truck-stops-of-days-gone-…

Old Gas Stations and Truck Stops from the old days | See more about Old Gas Stations, … Stop Signs,Trucks Stop, Trucks Driving, Trucks Pics, Photo, Classic 76


Yes, I want to come over one more time to meet Jim and John; then I would like to get together with Lady BD and JP of etcetera, and towp, Mack and Nebraska.


I’ve got to do it and will.


To be continued; don’t know when; it may be later today, or tomorrow; maybe next week.  It doesn’t really matter when; all I know right now is that I have to do it.


Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon

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