Putin Acts Swiftly and leaves America Bamaboozled

You got to hand this one to Putin’s Russia.  It was so well done.

 Vladimir Putin announces Russian sanctions against Turkey



It is sad news all round but President Putin had to do it.  Turkey is a good country to have on your side but shooting that Russian plane down was a serious mistake; more than just a little opportunistic by Turkey’s President Erdogan.  Let’s hope it was just a slip of a little erdogance.


Well done, Russia; we used to call it LEADERSHIP.  The entire World should be glad that it still exists.


Come on folks, salute the man.


Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon





2 Responses to “Putin Acts Swiftly and leaves America Bamaboozled”

  1. JP Says:


    That good fellow is at least a 100 thumbs upper..lol

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