What’s Up with WordPress

Can one be kicked out with no notice; or is it the ongoing fight they have with Google and the latter gaining the upper hand?

 An independent Media doesn’t always necessarily mean a good Media, or that the myth of independence is truly so.  A myth remains a myth.

 If you know more, fill me in please.  I am just an old Sefriken living in South Africa.  That doesn’t mean that I am a South African; nor does that make me an African; the latter I am most definitely not.

 What is England?  Is it a colony of the Arab Block, or is India in control of what used to be the UK?  What about the USA?  Who is in control of the English-Americans, the French, the Italian, the Irish, the Chinese, Russian, Polish, et al and etc, and after all that you also had the Eastern European gay and lesbian Tennis Player Americans at one time.  Do you still have any regular un-hyphenated Americans?

 Let me explain.

 Africa is a big continent; we start off as things stand now with more than 50 independent Countries.  Each one has a number of tribes [much like the old England with the Irish, Scots, and good great grief the Gaul’s of Old] [just like France of old, AND probably the entire “Western” Europe barely one thousand years ago.

 In South Africa after the tribes are counted we have nine Provinces [much the same as the 50 USA States] but we have 11 official languages, English being one though at most 20% of our population can speak English.  Probably only 10% can read, speak and write it.  That’s us, one of the more than 50 Nations in Continental Africa, and you want to call me an African.

 In England you also have Richard Dawkins and my daughter, now for years already a citizen of the little Island and the mighty EU, has the temerity to call me names if I call Richard Hawkins an asshole of an Englishman.  Hell, I wouldn’t dream of going to live there!  With all that mess surrounding it or pushing as hard as they can to push the entire Island off into the Atlantic Ocean, do you think anyone would like to live there?  Thanks but no thanks, guys and gals.

 I will just stay in Sefriken South Africa remaining a Sefriken, thank you.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon



11 Responses to “What’s Up with WordPress”

  1. Nolanimrod Says:

    Wow! That’s quite a diatribe that will stand up to Carthago delenda est any day.

    What’s with Americus, Georgia? Dis you trade in one power-mad ruler in a once-prosperous and coherent military power for another?

    Dealing with numerous tribes is easy. We found that out years ago. You just let them run casinos. They get rich, the mobs get a taste, the politicians all get theirs, and everybody is happy.

    Barack Obama graduated from Columbia and Harvard. Hillary Clinton graduated from Wellesley and Yale. After graduation both came up with schemes whereby insurance companies had to insure people against conditions they already had, which is like forcing life insurance companies to write policies on people who have already died.

    So maybe an education isn’t the panacea it has been portrayed to be. And, as for being illiterate, in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina over half the high school graduates couldn’t read. But they knew the way to the welfare office and the food stamp office. They knew they could walk out of a mini-mart with two cases of beer and no one would say anything. They knew to follow women home after they visited a cash machine or won at a casino.

    And they knew the location of each other’s sex organs so there would always be more of them.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks for two worth the price of 200, you charming old guy, but I simply cannot fathom it that Americans have not cottoned on to the Clintons and the Bamas. Vermin is the best word. I expect flack for it but why should I care? They have screwed up our country; telling you they are responsible, with some Frenchies and current day Englishmen, the latter now drifting away on the waives they once ruled. As for the recent Paris “disaster” or tragedy”tragedy” I don’t know whether or that they will find a lot of empathy from Sefrikens? I know you disagree with me on this point but we are both civilized and can differ without affecting our Friendship. My view is still that Charlie Hebdo got what he was asking for and the past week’s Paris ado could be seen as a second down payment on the French debt. You must get the Bama behind bars [in prison, and I mean that], before you’ve got Syrian refugees blowing up half of America. They still owe you one for Gadaffi and one for Egypt. What in hell are you folks doing in NATO still? What in hell can you achieve or what goshdarn point do your military make by sending a Man-o-War down China’s waters? Jeez, Nimrod. Your greatest risk is not Islam or Climate chance as the Bama is trying to convince you. That fucker and his voters [add to that the “legal” refugees] are the real problem that you face.

  2. Nolanimrod Says:

    As for WordPress, I use WordPress.org and you use WordPress.com. There are significant differences but they are both WordPress. I went through a period where WordPress did a rash of updates. Some of them worked, a couple didn’t. It (my WordPress platform) doesn’t work in all respects but it is usable.

    I hardly use it now. What’s the point? Almost every day something else goes wrong, things get worse, the economy gets a little more vapor-locked, something that once worked doesn’t. And in almost every case the cause is one man. He either did it, or he caused it, or he made it worse, or he shot his mouth off about it, which is often the worst injury. One man: Barack Hussein Obama.

    How can you blog in such an environment? Why would you? It got monotonous.

    The President Made Things Worse Today


    The President Tried to Make Things Worse Today But Found He Couldn’t Because It Was Illegal

    followed by

    The President Broke Four Laws Today and Made Things Worse Anyway

    Who wants to blog about that? Except for the name changes there is only one story:

    The President Took America Down a Peg. So There! The Media Are Covering for Him.

    The other big story? It always boils down to

    Hillary’s an Avaricious Gangster Who Lies All the Time

    That one has been true every day since 1993.

    Well, take care, Señor Ike

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Aah, great Nimrod, you sum it up so well. I did seriously think about just chucking the towel in. I am not a man of temper and do not associate with the fighter class, but then they pushed me too far and I am currently on a run to expose things.

  3. JP Says:

    “Can one be kicked out with no notice; or is it the ongoing fight they have with Google and the latter gaining the upper hand?”

    You, they “kicked” YOU, Ike?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks JP. Naww, it seems fixed now. I converted to Google Chrome last year; simply had to though I hated it. Then Windows forced my hand and I had to. However sometimes I couldn’t get any new Post in; when I managed that somehow I couldn’t add tags. The space for it had just disappeared from the new Post menu. Well, Friday that was back. Perhaps WordPress did read the Post.

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