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Only four Days to go

December 28, 2015

This has happened to millions of people; that much I know as a true fact, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

You can look it up; see whether there is maybe doubt in your mind; double-check and make absolutely sure.  You will find there are just 4 days remaining of 2015.

It happens to me every year; has happened for at least 25 years of my life and some, I suppose.  On my computer clock it is now 1:15:43 AM December 28, 2015 on the keyboard.  It was 28 minutes past midnight when I first had the thought.  Heck, it took me three quarters of an hour to get down to it; lost almost an hour just getting started.

This year will be a good year when it is over; right now it is a rotten mess; maybe we should have missed 2015; it’s been a bad one all-round.

In America Clinton was the first President who was younger than I was on the day he took Office.  He and that woman were snot-nosed kids when they ran in Chicago 1968; he was a snooty snot-nosed kid when he ran with any woman in the White House, now Billary is a snot-nosed old woman who never grew up, but running, and lo and behold she may even be elected.

Clinton and his woman were two farts, and fakes at that; combined they were not worth one fart.  What has happened to the World of men?  It’s slipped away from us.

I got to look up things written on culture.  What a subject, but I have to do it?

Culture had meaning when I was young; it was inculcated into the young; wherever it was necessary [as it most often was] it was rammed down your throat until you said; “Yes Sir … I am sorry, and I apologize, ….,Sir.  It was a word that you understood or made to understand.  It had meaning.

Nowadays it is called “one of the two or three most complicated words in the English …”, while another source opines that “It goes without saying that “culture” is a confusing word, this year or any year”.

Look at Blair’s England.  Young Tony was another snot-nose kid elected to run with men.  Now the British are trying to forget that they ever elected him.

It is time to elect men to public office; women should stay at home, feed and teach the children some manners or tell them about culture.

Good Lord, what have I said now? The women of today should go play with dolls instead.

We should learn from the “once hated Commies World” that some of us still cannot understand.  But they have Putin and Jinping, men amongst men and their women are Ladies.

It’s time to elect Donald Trump and get a grown Man into the White House.

Let me add this bit and I shall take your criticism that it is not my right to prescribe whom you should elect as your President, but also read President Putin on the matter.

However, Bill Clinton and then following on him the Bama have made it the business of the World.  America is no more the land of Wonder it once was to the World.  You screwed up, folks.

This half century, from 2010 to 2060 is the Era of Russia and China.  Trump, I am sure will understand that and you may fit into a good triumvirate if he does the right thing; in fact, I am sure he will.

I shall write him an Open Letter soon.

Oh yes, almost forgot but did remember in the end.  Good riddance 2015; roll along 2016.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon

Merry Christmas 2015

December 24, 2015

To all my friends and so many relatives scattered around the Globe I wish for a Merry Christmas, joy, health and Peace in your domain and Hearts for you and those you care for.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon

America, there is an Open Door and you should use it

December 19, 2015

Yes America, it is open but you will have to go and knock to enter.

You are running a real risk of cutting your own selves off from where the real World is going.  Stop your warring and reduce your dependence on the manufacturing of the killing equipment that you are selling all over.

Stop thinking that you won the Second World War; you did not!

OK, I know that you finished Japan off to end the mess.  They needed what they got from Little Boy and you did that part well.

However, I still wonder as you were not in the War why you parked that Armada in Pearl Harbor.  Did you expect the Jap to come over to look at Disney land, cameras on and saying Hello Hello?

In case you really didn’t know it, it was Russia that won the War; they took the brunt of Hitler’s madness and broke him.  What did you do when you should have gone up to them to say thank you?

You suddenly realized my oh my, here is another country we have never given a single thought.  You missed your big chance by starting NATO without them and to make the insult worse you had to go messing around in Korea.  Oh, have mercy; of all stupid things you could have tried you just had to follow that up with Vietnam.

Get out of Europe and Asia, America.

 Knock on this door, and do it soon:

 Knock here now; it is kept open for you

Do not miss this opportunity.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon

The Day of the Vow and the meaning of it then

December 16, 2015

Today would have been the 179th celebration of the Day but we ended up short because it was taken away from us in 1994.

Americans and all British Commonwealth member countries should read The Covenant by American author James Michener.  There are also many valuable Web entries on Michener’s visits to South Africa for the research required for a major Michener epic, the Covenant written and published in the vein of Centennial by the same author.

Great numbers of Sefrikens had lost their taste for the Day of the Vow towards the end; some of the extremities of the participating joyful made us cringe in the later years, which included yours truly.

However, we are now expected to grovel to Emperor Zuma for the perceived sins of our Fathers and we are not great at that sort of thing; the way the Emperor is going about it won’t make us cringe either.

So, more and more of them every year, yours truly included, will remember; we won’t ask for the Day to be reinstated, nor will we hold protest gatherings about it’s removal.

No, there was a good reason for that day in 1836 and we will remember that and honor it in our hearts.

America, Great Britain, France, and others will find their come-uppance in the terrorist wars now invading their lands and I see that Norway has clicked on it and Sweden is about to figure it.

Sefrikens are proud peoples and we will not rejoice in your moments of pain and anguish for what lies ahead for you.  We will pray that you find the problem and work on ways to end it, but we will care for ourselves and our loved ones, as you must care for yours.  We cannot help you; we tried once but you would not listen to us then.

But many Sefrikens remembered the date today and rested; we are now truly the Free People of Africa.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


The Flat Earth Perspective

December 16, 2015

Well Folks, it’s still a while off and you can’t expect anyone to give you the final result today but a flat earth perspective [see later on in here] will provide you with the insight and the hindsight of what is involved, the latter being something Americans have obviously not considered and are not likely to consider until 2060, by which time it will be too late to consider anything.


Many people talked about a New World Order during the 2008 Obama campaign; some thought that he was going to herald the arrival of something like that but nothing happened.  As far as the World is concerned Obama never happened; if anything, with him meddling and trying to fix things that were not broken, it made it easier for the World to ignore America.


But a New Order has come to exist; an Order of great magnitude without America has risen.  The World is getting on with reality while one half of America is getting ready to stop the Clinton woman from pushing America over the precipice and the other half is hoping to revive the old glory that once made it the mightiest nation in the World.


Have a look at the World Population figures; they are estimates, so don’t think there is any science in it.  The USA only started with some kind of authoritative Census keeping in 1900; so most of these things are not much more than guesswork.  And there is Africa and many parts of the World where they all have to keep Census figures because the United Nations advised that it would be a good idea.  There have been half a dozen Census counts in my country and I have never had a Census worker in my home.


Some recorded World Population Stats [in millions]:


1500     425

1600     545

1700     600

1800     813

1900    1550

1910    1750

1960    3042

2010    6868


Then just sit down and imagine that the earth is a flat square; get a large World Map spread it out on a good size table.  You can if you now want to have a look at the Census figures of the Continents and try to figure where the numbers matter.


Then you have to try and work out how the massive migrations of people during the immediate past 50 years has changed the face of the Globe that is now spread out in front of you.


Now I dare you; take this Map to the school closest to you and ask the 12 to 15 year old ones to point at a few countries and tell you how many people are there in each continent and country.  Remember, in many countries but not in all most of these young people will be carrying cell phones and tablets and will have covered sex education by then and will have been taught about planned parenthood; they should all be well informed, one would guess; well we will see.


I shall tell you what you will find.


The Jaksonian Institute of Learning has been conducting surveys on this sort of thing since 1973 when the first generation of modern computers were all on punched cards for input.  Some output was on tape streamers but the rest were reams of paper.  We designed the first pie and bar charts [our Eikkajnos charts were the first folio size and later A4 size paper output] of hard-copy questionnaires in the multiple answers format, hand delivered and collected and checked for completeness, converted into punched cards and from there onto hard copy pie and bar charts.]  Line charts followed and I learned to read statistics; boy have I learned?


What you will find is that with a few exceptions [we will get to them later] the vast majority of these young people know more about sex than where their country is situated on the World Map and what the population size is.  You will rattle their little minds if you ask them about their ancestors and where they were from.


Let me cut this short.  You will find that to the vast majority the Earth may still be flat for all that it matters to them. Very few of them [a tiny and minute %] will have seen a cow or a chicken in real life; milk and eggs are things you get at the highway store.


Two short points should complete my analysis.


But they all want free education and time and money for university to go and work in IT and earn millions of bucks.


Then you sit down and think?  In just a few years from now these kids will vote?  It boggles the mind.

In Americus GA saka Americoon


UK Firefighters saving the World

December 13, 2015

If you have any fire problem email the UK Guardian.

They have the experience, money and highly trained men, all the equipment and anything you need.

No fire too large or small for them.

Here theyn are!


Here they are! for back-up in Australia down under.

They are waiting for your call right now; whether you need training to do the job, or they will do it for you.  FREE INTERNATIONAL SERVICE, TRANSPORT AND ALL LOGISTICS INCLUDED.

Special support teams sponsored by the Public Investment Corporation of South Africa will be at your service.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


Ikepedia on Days and Dates Part 2

December 12, 2015

Well, it is almost three years since I Posted Part One:

 On this day in the past also:

 In 1787 Pennsylvania became the second state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

 In 1963 Kenya gained its independence from Britain.

 In 1959 I attended My Woodstock and that changed my life.

 The combination of day and date comes around spot on every 50 years and always in a year before a Leap Year; in between they repeat every 6 or 11 years.

 There is some scientific explanation for it but it clearly shows the depth of scientific knowledge Humankind had developed by the time that the Gregorian calendar was adopted.

 Just as well we managed to do it then because if it was left to modern science nobody would have been able to work it out.

 Huh, you wanna know why I say that?

 Good grief, my friend, the modern scientist would have to try getting it off a computer because he is not trained to find anything with his brains; all their brain capacity [what they have left of it] is used up on the Internet and Space Exploration.

 Lately they train in Climate Change and old folks laugh because we all know that climate change was build into the system and has been with us ever since God created earth, sea and the skies above.

 OK, OK, yes I know some folks call it Evolution and that’s OK by me whatever they want to call it.  I shall take my chances on the Creator and the Gregorian calendar.

 Why, you ask?

 Heck my friend, modern science cannot prove anything that does not already exist.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon

An African story by an African today

December 12, 2015

For once I am going to give the World a glimpse of Africa and let you decide.  But it is a good one for the World out there; not a single one I have read ever indicated that they understand but they all believe that they know Africa.

 I give it to you verbatim, no editing, in South African English as it was published:

 [Commence quote]:

 Ad-libbing Zuma exposes real reasons he fired Nene

 December 11th 2015

 Most of South Africa – and the world for that matter – has thus far relied on a short statement from the Presidency to try understand President Jacob Zuma’s ir-rationale for firing respected Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene. But as globally respected author and journalist Rian Malan explains in this brilliant contribution, most have thus far missed what was surely Zuma’s version of PW Botha’s Rubicon Speech. Like Botha did 30 years ago, Zuma deviated completely from the original script. Instead, he produced almost an hour of ad-libbing, providing a window into the mind of a man we can all now see is massively out of his depth. Now that he has been given his head it’s quite obvious that Zuma possesses none of the basics required to drive a complex modern economy, least of all the critical requirement of an open mind. A year ago, almost to the day, we published Rian Malan’s take on EFF leader Julius Malema. It quickly became one of our best read stories of 2014. There’s no doubt the army of Rian Malan fans will appreciate this superb piece just as much. It is republished with the permission ofPoliticsweb where it first appeared. – Alec Hogg

By Rian Malan*

Like all South Africans, I woke up to great lamentations and gnashings of teeth about President Zuma’s decision to, um, redeploy Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene. All commentators agreed it was a shockingly bad move.

Most speculated it had something to do with Mr Nene’s determination to control spending and block projects that seem dear to the presidential heart – the purchase of SAA Airbuses through mysterious third parties, for instance, or the fiscally suicidal Russian nuclear power deal.

But as of this writing, nobody is paying much attention to the speech Zuma made immediately after his fateful move against Nene. This is a pity, because it was an extraordinary address, delivered without benefit of the written material over which Zuma so frequently stumbles.

This time, he looked his audience in the eye and spoke off the cuff for fifty-odd minutes. And what he said was… well, in his own estimation, it was “most historic.” One got the impression that the president felt he had crossed a threshold, and needed to explain himself.

His story began with the birth of humankind in Africa, proceeded to the evils of colonialism and slavery, and ended with a lecture on the absolute necessity for full economic freedom. (Last I checked, this was EFF terrain, but Zuma is clearly moving to occupy it.)

Nhlanhla Nene was not mentioned by name, but there were several veiled references to Africans who don’t know who they are and might not even realize they are serving the enemy. Africans who don’t understand what true freedom means, and are thus doomed to dance to the tune of those who hold economic power.

So, click here for a glimpse into the wounded heart of an African peasant who believes (or would have us believe) that history justifies what was done to Nene yesterday.

If you don’t have fifty minutes to spare, here is a transcript of the most telling portions of the presidential address, with the odd comment from your humble narrator.

The scene is a hotel banquet room somewhere in South Africa. The SABC video clip above fails to state the exact nature of this gathering, but the attendees are mostly black and well-dressed. One gathers that they are business people from various parts of Africa.

Master of Ceremonies Patrice Motsepe seems to believe that Zuma is dropping in to give them a pep talk about the need to stimulate intra-African trade, but the president’s mind is elsewhere. “I am sorry I am late,” he says on arrival. “There are things that you cannot postpone.”

Like firing your finance minister, for instance.

Zuma’s speech starts in the customary way. There are some pages on his podium. He squints at them, reads the greetings and salutations in the usual wooden manner, and then puts the written word aside. Perhaps he’s thinking about what he’s just done, and about the savagely negative reaction likely to follow.

Perhaps he feels he has to offer some clues as to his motive. Why not? The TV cameras are on. The audience is friendly. He clears his throat and says, “Let me say something as a child of this continent.”

Africa is big, he says. Very big. “This continent is the biggest in the world,” he says. “It is not even separated by a river. Rivers that flow through the continent, they don’t cut it into a half, or a quarter. All continents put together will fit into Africa.”

Africa is the cradle of humankind, and also –“some say” — the cradle of civilization. “Recently I got to know that one of the contributors in the bible, uPaul, is an African born in Sudan,” says the president. “There are many stories that because of our history we are not told.”

But Zuma wants to tell those stories now. “All the challenges of the world have faced the black person,” he says. The first was slavery.

“It was the harshest system and it was imposed on us more than on anybody else. And because economy is an important thing, that free labour of the slaves made an important contribution to the economy of other people.”

After slavery came colonialism, which involved a group of Europeans meeting in Germany to divide Africa amongst themselves. “’Let us not fight,’ they said to each other. ‘You will have your own piece and do whatever you want.” And thereafter, “The land was taken, political power was taken away, economic power was taken away, the social being was undermined. We just remained almost like articles of commodity.”

“The colonists wanted to change us from what we were to something almost like their own image,” he says. “Make us hate ourselves and our way of life. And wish to be like them.”

Colonialism gave rise to the liberation struggle, in which Jacob Zuma was of course a participant. “Those of us who were struggling went through another difficult period,” he says.

“So you were banned because you were bad individuals. Then if you wouldn’t listen you’ll be arrested, tortured badly. In the process, if you are not lucky, tortured to death. You must all know about a man named Biko. Your life was not worth anything.”

“I am giving this background,” he says, “because it is important for us to understand who we are and what we need to do, because sometimes understanding is limited.”

At this point, the president wanders into a digression about natives whose understanding of themselves is deformed by exposure to white culture.

He’d earlier made a few cracks about assimilados and civilisees– educated blacks in French or Portuguese colonies who were admitted to white society on the strength of good table manners (truly) and mastery of the imperial language. Now he turns on similar creatures in the deep south.

“If you were in South Africa and you were able to be educated a very little – Standard 6 – you were then a better African and exempted from the laws that governed the natives and given a different identity that gave you some little privileges.”

Such creatures survive to this day, apparently, and might even be coterminous with the “clever blacks” whose attacks on his person have previously upset the president. “One of the things that in this country makes me feel very agitated is when I realize we don’t realize who we are,” he says. “We don’t realize what we have – this thing we call freedom. We don’t even understand that we have not got complete freedom.”

The trouble with blacks who fail to understand their true situation is that they are open to manipulation, warns the president. “Those you call your enemy can then divide you and use some of us against us.”

“In the past it was crude methods. Today it could be sophisticated methods. You may not even know you are playing a role to help those who are not your friends.”

Does Zuma have his ex-finance minister in mind here? Nene, as we know, is an urbane chap who uses big words, wears tailored suits and boasts several diplomas from imperialist universities. Perhaps he failed to realize that balancing budgets, querying wasteful expenditure and worrying about SA’s credit rating made him an unwitting enemy of his own people.

Zuma proceeds to share his own view of economics. “I am not a businessman or a professor,” he quips, “but I am rebelling against (the idea that) what determines the value of a commodity is the law of supply and demand. I am against that definition. The value of a commodity is the labour time taken in production of that commodity. That’s what determines the value of a commodity.”

Well, yes. The East Germans once priced their copper according to this Marxist formula, concluding that the labour value of socialist copper was 18 times higher than the world price as determined by the capitalist law of supply and demand.

And then struggled to understand why nobody wanted to buy their copper. Hopefully Zuma will be more successful at amending the laws of nature.

“We must reverse what happened in the past,” says the president. “What is the real power that you can choose? Hey? You can have political power and starve to death with it. Political power is driven by those who have economic power.

“If they do not like a particular leader, that leader will be killed in a coup. Or arrested. Those who have economic power….say something they don’t like, they kill you. What happened to Lumumba?”

Beyond this point, Zuma begins to sound uncannily like Julius Malema. “Freedom without economic freedom is not full freedom,” he declares. “If they have the economic power and you hold the political power, you are going to dance to their music.

“They will even tell you what laws to make and not to make with your political power.” That’s why President Zuma is now fully committed to the achievement of economic freedom.

“I take this journey we have decided to take today as one of the most historic and important journeys,” he concludes. “I have said what I have said because I want us to be conscious about it because if we are not conscious we will be very indecisive, weak. We need to take it as a struggle to liberate. Like Mandela. Like Mugabe. Lika Samora Machel. Like Augustinho Neto. A struggle for the full liberation of Africa.”

Cloaking your motives in a mantle of ancient grievance is an old trick in Africa. In my lifetime, at least a hundred dictators and Big Men have done it.

Now comes Zuma with a similar lament, posing as a liberator bent on avenging the wounds of history, with stirring cant about “economic freedom” replacing the socialist slogans of yesteryear. Psychology tells us this line has deep appeal. History tells us what the outcome is likely to be – dumbfounding riches for the Big Man and his cronies, and misery for everyone else.

But history has yet to pronounce on us, South Africans, once regarded as Africa’s great hope, and blessed moreover with the tools of democracy and the wisdom of hindsight.

Do we applaud Zuma’s speech or stand up and start screaming about, say, the appalling stupidity of pulling a move that would inevitably slash the value of the rand even as we negotiate the purchase of millions of tons of dollar-denominated maize to feed our drought-striken poor?

Perhaps President Zuma truly believes that the law of supply and demand doesn’t apply to mealies. More likely, he is secretly counting on white men (or Chinese) to come to his rescue, as the United Nations stepped in to feed Zimbabwe after Robert Mugabe embarked on his variant of the quest for economic freedom.

While the new finance minister squanders our money on locomotives that don’t fit our rails, nuclear power stations we can’t afford and fat commissions for the ravenous insiders clustered around the presidency.

The big question is, do we call his bluff, or go like sheep into yet another cycle of history as farce, African style?

 Rian Malan is a Fellow of the Institute of Race Relations. This article was first published on Politicsweb under the headline Going the Full Mugabe.

* For more in-depth business news, visit or simply sign up for the daily newsletter.

 [Ends Quote]

 At some time, I suggest that you Google for Rian Malan; then try and put him together from the pieces that you can find;

 If you can manage this and get your Foreign Secretaries and/or Ministers to grasp half of it, then obtain similar work on Russia, China, Norway etc. etc before you talk about bombing the World or sending Battle ships down the China Seas.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


No place like Home

December 7, 2015

Well guys?

 I have in recent times filled you in on what Sefrikens are and what we are not; the differences of opinion between us are very few [and only to cause some mirth] and we know what we will be down the line.

 How about a current definition of an American in America?


We also know exactly what to expect from our Government now and in the immediate future; that is enough to make us sure that we can handle that, though mostly by ignoring them.

 How about your side?


In conclusion, we know our International Friends and who will stand with us.  We have no enemies within our borders or anywhere near us outside our borders.

 The Government fringes worry a few of us a little but they know we all despise them and everything they stand for.  That makes sure that they have more to worry about than we have.

 China and Russia stand with us; we have no problem whatsoever with our Muslim people or Islam.  In fact, we have never had any problem with that.  It’s maybe easy for us because the way we see it you have Muslims and you have Muslims.  Our Muslims have been here as long as we have been here and we are not importing any new ones; so we get on real well with each other on the religious front.

 Go well, America.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon

Change 3 on China

December 2, 2015

Just an interlude on the same theme.

 China in Africa 20151202

China’s Xi Jinping in Zimbabwe for talks with Mugabe – BBC News

BBC News  22 hours ago

China’s President Xi Jinping arrives in Zimbabwe to a 21-gun salute, … the most prominent global leader in many years to visit the country. … Mr Xi and a large Chinese delegation will fly to South Africa on …

Chinese president in State Visit to SA

Times LIVE  20 hours ago

Xi Jinping Begins 5-Day Africa Trip Even As Chinese Investment In The Continent Drops

International Business Times  2 hours ago

More news for President Xi Jinping of China on visit to South Africa

Chinese leader set for Zimbabwe, South Africa visit – Daily ……/africa/Chinese…South-Africa-visit/-/…/…

Daily Nation

3 days ago – China’s President Xi Jinping (left in grey overcoat) and his wife Peng Liyuan (right in beige overcoat) arrive at Orly airport, outside Paris, …

Xi Jinping’s four-nation tour – People’s Daily


Xi encourages Chinese doctors to help further improve Africa’s health care services. Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in South Africa. Chinese PresidentXi …


Behold and observe a Real President of the People, agh well, you know, as Hillary always says when she is telling another lie.  On the other hand, at least afterwards we are assured she only misspoke again.


Welcome on our shores Mister President.  We are honored by your presence, Sir.


Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon