No place like Home

Well guys?

 I have in recent times filled you in on what Sefrikens are and what we are not; the differences of opinion between us are very few [and only to cause some mirth] and we know what we will be down the line.

 How about a current definition of an American in America?


We also know exactly what to expect from our Government now and in the immediate future; that is enough to make us sure that we can handle that, though mostly by ignoring them.

 How about your side?


In conclusion, we know our International Friends and who will stand with us.  We have no enemies within our borders or anywhere near us outside our borders.

 The Government fringes worry a few of us a little but they know we all despise them and everything they stand for.  That makes sure that they have more to worry about than we have.

 China and Russia stand with us; we have no problem whatsoever with our Muslim people or Islam.  In fact, we have never had any problem with that.  It’s maybe easy for us because the way we see it you have Muslims and you have Muslims.  Our Muslims have been here as long as we have been here and we are not importing any new ones; so we get on real well with each other on the religious front.

 Go well, America.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon



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