The Day of the Vow and the meaning of it then

Today would have been the 179th celebration of the Day but we ended up short because it was taken away from us in 1994.

Americans and all British Commonwealth member countries should read The Covenant by American author James Michener.  There are also many valuable Web entries on Michener’s visits to South Africa for the research required for a major Michener epic, the Covenant written and published in the vein of Centennial by the same author.

Great numbers of Sefrikens had lost their taste for the Day of the Vow towards the end; some of the extremities of the participating joyful made us cringe in the later years, which included yours truly.

However, we are now expected to grovel to Emperor Zuma for the perceived sins of our Fathers and we are not great at that sort of thing; the way the Emperor is going about it won’t make us cringe either.

So, more and more of them every year, yours truly included, will remember; we won’t ask for the Day to be reinstated, nor will we hold protest gatherings about it’s removal.

No, there was a good reason for that day in 1836 and we will remember that and honor it in our hearts.

America, Great Britain, France, and others will find their come-uppance in the terrorist wars now invading their lands and I see that Norway has clicked on it and Sweden is about to figure it.

Sefrikens are proud peoples and we will not rejoice in your moments of pain and anguish for what lies ahead for you.  We will pray that you find the problem and work on ways to end it, but we will care for ourselves and our loved ones, as you must care for yours.  We cannot help you; we tried once but you would not listen to us then.

But many Sefrikens remembered the date today and rested; we are now truly the Free People of Africa.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon




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