Only four Days to go

This has happened to millions of people; that much I know as a true fact, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

You can look it up; see whether there is maybe doubt in your mind; double-check and make absolutely sure.  You will find there are just 4 days remaining of 2015.

It happens to me every year; has happened for at least 25 years of my life and some, I suppose.  On my computer clock it is now 1:15:43 AM December 28, 2015 on the keyboard.  It was 28 minutes past midnight when I first had the thought.  Heck, it took me three quarters of an hour to get down to it; lost almost an hour just getting started.

This year will be a good year when it is over; right now it is a rotten mess; maybe we should have missed 2015; it’s been a bad one all-round.

In America Clinton was the first President who was younger than I was on the day he took Office.  He and that woman were snot-nosed kids when they ran in Chicago 1968; he was a snooty snot-nosed kid when he ran with any woman in the White House, now Billary is a snot-nosed old woman who never grew up, but running, and lo and behold she may even be elected.

Clinton and his woman were two farts, and fakes at that; combined they were not worth one fart.  What has happened to the World of men?  It’s slipped away from us.

I got to look up things written on culture.  What a subject, but I have to do it?

Culture had meaning when I was young; it was inculcated into the young; wherever it was necessary [as it most often was] it was rammed down your throat until you said; “Yes Sir … I am sorry, and I apologize, ….,Sir.  It was a word that you understood or made to understand.  It had meaning.

Nowadays it is called “one of the two or three most complicated words in the English …”, while another source opines that “It goes without saying that “culture” is a confusing word, this year or any year”.

Look at Blair’s England.  Young Tony was another snot-nose kid elected to run with men.  Now the British are trying to forget that they ever elected him.

It is time to elect men to public office; women should stay at home, feed and teach the children some manners or tell them about culture.

Good Lord, what have I said now? The women of today should go play with dolls instead.

We should learn from the “once hated Commies World” that some of us still cannot understand.  But they have Putin and Jinping, men amongst men and their women are Ladies.

It’s time to elect Donald Trump and get a grown Man into the White House.

Let me add this bit and I shall take your criticism that it is not my right to prescribe whom you should elect as your President, but also read President Putin on the matter.

However, Bill Clinton and then following on him the Bama have made it the business of the World.  America is no more the land of Wonder it once was to the World.  You screwed up, folks.

This half century, from 2010 to 2060 is the Era of Russia and China.  Trump, I am sure will understand that and you may fit into a good triumvirate if he does the right thing; in fact, I am sure he will.

I shall write him an Open Letter soon.

Oh yes, almost forgot but did remember in the end.  Good riddance 2015; roll along 2016.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon



4 Responses to “Only four Days to go”

  1. nolanimrod Says:

    Sometimes events so entangle that you’re number is up no matter how much you wriggle and squirm trying to avoid your fate.

    Imagine Russia in 1917. The heir to the throne has hemophilia. The Czarina is convinced that a crazed, megalomaniac priest can save him. Another Russian tries to save the Romanovs from the crazed, megalomaniac priest by poisoning, stabbing, and drowning him but nothing works; the priest survives. Meanwhile the Czar decides to abdicate and turns the government over to a Duma (parliament) and to a democratic executive headed by Alexander Kerensky. Meanwhile, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, et al have other ideas and kick the democrats out while they throw the Czar and his family down a mine shaft in Siberia. All so 40 years later the American media and movie industry would look down their perfect noses and sneer at the cultural touchstones emblematic of America’s greatness.

    Looked at from that perspective I’d have to say a Trump – Hillary co-presidency is almost a sure thing.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Aha Great Nimrod,

      It’s good to see you in the saddle, Ole Guy. Giddy-up, you go.

      Ayup, I agree with the observations of Russia and America then. Yes, thoroughly, and well said as only you can.

      But that was then!

      Since then, really since then of the Great War a new Russia emerged. What die America do? They handed control to Hollywood and the latter has gone off the rails with everything America once stood for.

      Question, please?

      A Trump-Hillary co-presidency? I must be missing something, but I have often failed your higher workmanship in words; do fill me in please.

  2. cheechdog Says:

    Geeze Ike, don’t hold back, let it all out.

    Pray for us.

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