The Jury Verdict on Nelson Mandela has just been announced in South Africa.

Well Guys, we all know the verdict on the Media by now; we don’t count in their eyes no matter what and I don’t see any possibility for change except to curtail or even eliminate Freedom of the Media drastically.  The original concept of Freedom of the Press, and that’s all, may do it but I am afraid the damage has been done.

When I mooted the Media Test for all of you on December 1st in Facebook and suggested 8 days I knew the results that I expected.  The extra day since then merely confirmed the Result.

On February 10th in the year 1990 a man walked from prison after 27 years, illegally and disgracefully detained according to the Media; some reported it as illegal incarceration of an innocent man.

He died three years ago on December 5th 2016.   I watched a substantial part of the Media from December 1st until yesterday.  It is almost another 27 years sine 1990 and, surely I thought, a few people would remember him.

Nobody did; the Ego died.  I did not see anyone referring to the hoopla of 1990 or his demise into obscurity over the past three years; so much for Media Power?  The Jury Verdict sums it up so well in utter silence:  He was yesterday’s Icon and Hero; may he rest in his own place of Destiny wherever that may be.

Let us carry on with our Lives.


In Americus GA saka Americoon

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6 Responses to “The Jury Verdict on Nelson Mandela has just been announced in South Africa.”

  1. NEO Says:

    And you know, Ike, that true, but there is something else. They no longer matter either, they’re as obsolete as monks in a scriptorium.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nebraska, I really do appreciate your visit; my eye is now very bad and I so very little, However, I needed to do this one for my Country. I think the Bama has 40 days only to go starting this Friday morning; he will go the same way. Hold strong, old friend and Time will remove him too.

      • NEO Says:

        Yes, it will. The future is unknowable, but the choices he’s making so far are quite encouraging.

        I understand completely, we all must do what we must do for our country, and our honor.

        Sorry to hear about the eye, my friend, good luck with it.

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Thanks NEO. The World has changed dramatically in the past few years and more great changes are on the way in the next decade. I am always awed by your ability to handle your Faith in words through your Blog and often wish I could do it but though the words form in my innards I just can’t put them in print like you, so I am often more inspired by yours than from my own thoughts. Being barred from access to my own Gmail I don’t know what my friends can see from what I am putting out. I have aged in the past year; still healthy in the old body but taking it easy now. We hoped for Trump, and we support any effort to get America, Russia and China to share the World Leadership role. I wish you and yours the best for the coming seasons of prayer and worship of our Lord.

      • NEO Says:

        It has, Ike, even in the last four. I looked back at what I wrote after the 2012 election here, and I was pretty much right, but you know, 2016 is antire different kettle of fish. What I’m seeing these days is the old American optimism making a return, even the CEO of US Steel the other day said that 4% in GDP (and for his company was possible next year) if Trump took good hold.

        Knowing your thoughts is the important thing, really, and if I articulate some of them for you, well, that’s a plus.

        Reference your Gmail, well that sucks, shouldn’t be that way, but it often is, all over the world. It’s one advantage Americans have over everybody, we wrote it down, we meant it, and we have always been very jealous of our rights. But we always remember our friends as well. I’ve aged as well, old friend, but perhaps we’ve both gained some wisdom as well. One hopes, anyway.

        As to the last, maybe Russia, I don’t think China is mature enough yet, but maybe someday. China really reminds me of America in about 1880, lot’s of potential, but not ready for the big time.

        Thank you, Ike, and I wish the same for you and yours.

        Keep the faith, that’s the important thing.


      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Thanks NEO. You made me feel better [as always] and I shall always remember you. Just on China we have two different exposures; they are deep into Africa now and they are gaining ground all the time. It’s long no more the China of Mao T. You guys had better learn something about modern China if you want to regain the economic ground you lost by the Bama. And they are homogenous, oh boy and how?

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