WTF?! What the Food?!

I’ve stripped my moer for these blooming students now!

Hear ye! Hear ye! This is the most important paragraph of this whole piece:

The Government does not have any money! Not a single cent. It gets all its money from taxpayers! So when you are asking the ‘government’ for ‘Free’ education, you are asking ME, the taxpayer to pay for it. FREE education is as ‘free’ as Nkandla was ‘free.’ It’s not FREE if I am paying for it, poepol!

And if you are going to ask me to pay for your education, ask bloody nicely. The least you can do is stop breaking things, burning things and have a bad attitude about it. But what you cannot do is DEMAND. It is my money. It is your parents’ money. Your friends’. Your family’s. The government is already stealing my money in the form of tax, so I am not…

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  1. NEO Says:

    Good find, Ike. Sadly, it’s the same the whole world over.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nebraska, this is my first attempt at Re-Blogging; the selection is not in my usual style but it jumped up at me out of the place where I came across it.

      We have a New Youth Movement in our Country. Their parents were brought up as the previously disadvantaged, and they now bring their children up demanding everything Free. It doesn’t educate them; it doesn’t provide them with knowledge or any desire to meet the New World that is upon us, as long as they can get things for Free.

      In one more generation they will still be unemployed like their parents before them and occupy the street corners; they will be hungry and half starved; they will not be able to write their own names properly but will have a Matriculation Certificate or even a College Diploma that says they didn’t have to pay for it.

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