Going Blind Getting Old Going Home and getting ready to leave

This has been in my mind for some time now and when I turned the computer on I noticed that the clock had just clicked over into the new day in our part of the Globe.

I don’t at this stage know how it is going to end but that is of no concern to me; it is something that I have to work out for myself as I go along.

Of course, it was triggered by my Post immediately before this one but I did not have this in mind when I did the first one.  Either way, this may become my swansong or it may not.

I have had this in mind with many headings for it; picked the one I am using on the spur of the moment because there is a link somewhere.  It does not matter really, not this time anyway.

Why I do it needs a few words.  Maybe it is for my children; maybe it is for my family; some of it is certainly for my friends, but none of it is a cry for help, a scream of anguish or just empty words.  Maybe it is all of that in parts; it is of no concern to me what or how “the World” will interpret it but my intentions are certainly in part some sort of a desire to tell the world what I stand for.

It is not a perfect World we live in at this time; there was a time when it was almost perfect but then We the People of the World screwed it up.  Now I have it; something tells me that is the point that has been nagging me into this direction.

The World, or the Globe as we sometimes call Earth, was made to perfection by the Grace of God the Creator of all Life.  Let me re-state and add one word to my previous definition; it is my firm belief and I will never change on that:


People who know me will notice that I do not participate in discussions on this point.  I respect all the Great Religions of the World and there is no place in my Home for anyone that does not adhere to that principle.  I fail to understand how someone that does not respect the Religion of another one can expect that one to respect the prejudice of the first one.

On the Earth?

Man and Life of flesh and blood as we know it are Earthbound; the seas and the rivers are for fish and other water creatures; space is for birdlife and millions of other little creations that are there to contribute to life on earth but otherwise space is there to give us space to breath and to replenish life as we consume it.  The Moon and Mars, to mention these two because it is in the News Media, are not the terrain of Mankind; we don’t belong there; we have no business to be there and we won’t get anywhere near to ever living there.  Life as we know it is Earthbound.  Period!

Race and skin color as so often in the Media must be mentioned.  To me these two concepts are not even remotely connected; to equate the two concepts is fallacy and distortion of the facts.

Skin color is no indication of good or bad; it was part of the Creation and that is all that needs to be said about it.  Skin color does not make you good or bad, inferior or superior, or equal to any other skin color.  I reject the notion that it does and I have lived my life on that principle.

Race to me refers to what you may loosely call nationhood, and that in turn will take you to customs in Race and Nations.

Customs may be good or bad; we have both of them in the World and that is what divides us for very logical reasons but we must tread with care not to confuse good or bad customs with skin color and race.

Good customs can make strong Nations and Races; in this Russia and China are the best examples of this day and age.  Americans are not a Race or a Nation neither is Africa nor any of the islands scattered around the oceans.  They are at best the product of migration through the centuries of time.

Migration is not a new thing; neither is tribal movement.  These two aspects have developed since Mankind was created and will continue as long as we remain, or until we destroy ourselves.  The latter is however, most unlikely; that we shall have to curb population growth is a hard fact that will have to be faced pretty soon [and it is good to see some efforts in that direction] or Nature will do it for us by means of food shortages, plagues or afflictions that will reduce our numbers.

War may help to diminish over population; in fact a good size War may be a good idea right now but the wrong people will die.  I don’t see War as the solution.

So we come to generations.  In human terms one generation roughly translates into 25 years, or four generations in every one hundred years.  New generations produce more migration and changes in cultures of nations and races [the latter distinctly the opposite of races by skin color] and this may increase the possibility of War …..

That gets me back to where I started and it is now 1:36 AM on this new day.

Maybe a good size revolution, make that plural for the world round, will be the initial answer to curb the excesses of the rich and the privileged that are only interested in getting richer, for whatever reason I have never been able to understand.

The French Revolution was a good thing in more ways than one.  Signs from America and Africa signal the possibility of such action and it may become impossible to stop it; it surely will reduce the influence of the “undesirable” in Politics and control of the Money supply in goods and services.

My oh my, here I almost forgot about the reason for this Post.  I am now just into my fourth generation [at 77 soon to be] and can’t have much time left.  All the Great Books of all the Great Religions more or less concur on the lifespan of three score plus ten, and I am now in three score plus 17 well over the period of grace.

But I just recently managed to prevail over an adult life long affliction of the mindset that I was born with.  I have a fight on with two bastards that asked for it and I am going to let them have it before I pack up to go home to Centurion, to be followed or preceded by going Home to the place across the river, or the sky as you may prefer, to join my parents and my two beloved brothers.  I am hoping for the first one because that is the only one I can influence.

This Post is dedicated to Iowa Jim and Jay from NC USA.  Thank you guys.

Ike Jakson

saka Americoon in Americus GA

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9 Responses to “Going Blind Getting Old Going Home and getting ready to leave”

  1. Ike Jakson Says:

    Thank you http://en.gravatar.com/thelittlefears

  2. James Campbell Says:

    Morning Ike, Thank you so much for sharing this. You know I’m not that far behind you, I’ll be 73 this July.

    I’m not so conflicted as you regarding the larger scope of things. The world will keep right own turning regardless of what we think or do. Humans are likely to be just a blip on the screen of history and when we go something else will come along and take our place.

    What is concerning me now is one of the things you have addressed, growing old and coming to the end of the line. I’m really not sure how to handle it.

    I commend you for being forward thinking regarding your own situation. I just wish I were as organized as you in my own mind.

    Let’s look at the bright side. If we both make it into heaven, it won’t be all that long before we can meet up and have a sit down with John Russell. That would be great!

    Your friend


  3. Ike Jakson Says:

    Jim, you dear ole sonofagun, now you have given me permission to sit down on my ass and cry. Let us share what we have while we can. Keep Iowa strong.

  4. NEO Says:

    A way behind you, my friend, but similar thought do course. I guess it’s not for us to worry about how those coming behind us screw things up, they will, we did, so it has always been. But on the other side, well we’ll understand, and we’ll understand why, as well.

    But the conversations to come over a beer will be so much fun, sometimes it hard to wait our turn. Take care, my friend.


  5. Ike Jakson Says:

    Thanks NEO, yours was the one I so much wanted. I know America and what we stand for are safe in your hands. My eye is now very bad and I must prepare for the worst, but there are other compensations. God is great; my other senses are improving. Stay with God, NEO. If we don’t meet down here, some day in His Domain we shall.

  6. Ike Jakson Says:

    Thank you Lady BD. It’s so long ago but now feels like last week when we were having all those long regular visits and chatting. I am not much now and the eye is very bad but as I said to NEO from Nebraska there are compensations, and I am healthy otherwise, no aches or pains. My personal Medical Attendant says I have the blood pressure of a young man. HaHa.

  7. James Campbell Says:

    Morning Ike, I received your note this morning. I don’t have any other E-mail account other than the MCHSI one. What I will try later on this afternoon. Is to send you a message through my Wife’s E-mail . I’ll let you know here when I send it.

    What I will do is send a message to her and give her your email address and ask her to forward the message to you. We will see if that works.


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    […] Ike ponders previously untold History of Humankind and Money « Going Blind Getting Old Going Home and getting ready to leave […]

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