4 All Old Folks around the Globe A New Part 2 for the Blocked One on how and when we started out

22 April 2018

Let me jump straight in and start the fight; you have a go at me and I give you the opportunity right away.

When did the World as we know it today come to be?

For starters, it was not one million years ago, leave alone even one millennium ago or as long ago as your telephone number.

Remember please that none of us had telephones or even bicycles when we started out.

There is sufficient evidence that India and others in that vicinity had started the spice Islands, that Egypt had their Pharaohs and that China and Russia had their dynasties but none of these peoples marooned around outside of their natural boundaries to rape and plunder in what was then the World; peoples stayed at home and lived their lives in peace.

I can cite you Noble House and the other works of the guy who wrote King Rat [have read them all]; sure I HAVE DONE THAT and even read Michener on that bastard that he called, or named, Abner Hale in his work on Hawaii.

Come on now, people had their “City Wars” [shall I remind you about “Alone stood brave Horatius ….. and ….  “down with him” cried false Sextus with a smile on his pale face, to which Lars Persena spoke “No, now yield thee, yield thee to thine grace” in the fight for Rome.

Perhaps I should briefly mention the Crusades over southern Europe just to annoy some people by ramming the truth down their throats.  There might have been a few good Christian hearts amongst the ruffians and the vile that were sweeping through the lands but the vast majority of them were pillagers, thieves and scumbags of the worst kind that ever lived.

OK, I shall stop my tirade.  This series will continue.  If you have not yet read Part One, do so now.  It was not called Part One because I didn’t know at that time that this was going to be a series.  Read it now:


 Allow me to summarise for this Part.

The World we live in today is hardly 400 years old; throw one hundred years in if you wish to give you a nice one half of one millennium [that’s really stretching reality to the limit, but do so anyway if you wish].

Itwo more years, yup Folks, just around the corner from today it will be 400 years ago that the first England seafarers stepped off the vessel Mayflower in 1620 in what is the USA today with 107 pillagers, cutthroats, thieves and outcasts from “Mother England” with the Bible in one hand [only a very few of them could read it though because the vast majority of them could not read or write their own names] and started to take the land; though I should replace “take” with “rape” as England was doing all over the World of that time, soon joined by other groups of Hollanders, Spaniards and outcasts from France.

Were they spreading civilisation?  You call that civilisation?  Come of it, dear Reader.  They came to take the land; common greed was their Master.

 Michener sums it up so well near the end of his rk on Hawaii when he referred to this tall Hawaiian working as a “deck hand” on the seafront porch of a luxury hotel in 1960, shifting deck chairs and dining tables for the rich.

 Said Michener:

 “The missionaries had forced the original nations to embrace Christianity but by the time they did that they found that they had nothing else left to embrace because Abner Hale, his merry band and Christianity had taken all the land.”

 The pattern was set; other lands and peoples in other lands would be forced along on the same paths …. until 300 years later …. … and the Colonial Powers are surprised?  What a shame; such a pity, or so they say?

 Part 3 and more to follow soon.


Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


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