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Today June 21st 50 year ago in 1968 on my Journey of Life Part One for the Young Folks of today

June 21, 2018

I stood there, and HOW, Boy oh Boy, I did; DONE HIM REAL GOOD and pulled him off.For my regular followers in WordPress, Yeah I did.  Gone and done were the days of innocence; had to face the test.

Would proceed and find myself all over to neet with its demands and find myself at another crossing of the roads exactly the same day and date in 197i; would miss that one at first but later on learn to catch up with him AND DO HIM.

hall now first Post Part 10 for the Old Folks to complete the story on Africa and then pick you up again right here.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon

A Requiem for the Loved One

June 14, 2018

I found it yesterday, late afternoon, my Brother.  You are the second One to know about it though you guided me in to anchor in our safe harbour.

You were always the Loved One.  Ouboet was the rock; he always was.  We know he had a presence; he was solid as, no much more, than Gibraltar.  He left large footprints in the financial history of our Country; they were cemented in that day in 1995 when he spoke and walked out.

He had to wait and got his reared posthumously in the Cape Town Supreme Court but he won and the Judge ordered them to pay.

That left us; and in the meantime you passed on that fateful day in May of 2010.

I rambled on and nearly missed it but got it now; will need a few days to treasure it but will do.

You were right, my Brother, so right though I almost missed it entirely.

Stay safe where you are Loved One; in just a few days that I still need to get it tight and sure I shall be ready to see you and we shall never part again.  I need to see it through and would like to but it won’t matter much after yesterday.  I did that for you while you held my hand.

Dedicated to my Boetie; there was only one of his kind ever in the World.

You are now safe, Boetie.  Broer will join you and Ouboet  soon and we shall never part again..

Ike Jakson

InAmericus GA saka Americoon