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Ikepedia on Continents and Countries and on Capitals of the World

July 29, 2018

I owe my readers a Post on Part 10 of my series for the Old Folks of Today and this will set the scene.

 I am not going to Google for it or provide any links for the Post; you go ahead and do so but it is my humble opinion that you should find a Man of Africa to do so.

 Let me just state that Africa is a Continent and that nobody will argue the point regardless of the many arguments on Continents and it is a Big One as far as Continents go.

 Point two: contrary to common thinking, Cape Town is not the shern tip of the continent.  Google for that and compare the location with Cairo in Egypt way up north; yeah Egypt is also on the Continent but you had better not say to an Egyptian that he is an African.  OK?

 Cairo Egypt

Latitude/longitude: 30°03′45″N31°14′58″E Decimal coordinates: 30.0626 31.2497

 L’Agulhas Africa SA is at the southern tip.  In local jargon we call it the place where the water is around your ankles at ebb tide; at high tide, well …. It is not a good idea to be in the water then; it gets over … suffices to say the fish may nibble at things you don’t want fish nibbling.

Decimal coordinates:-34.8223 20.0173

Altitude: 10 m.

 Cape Town

Latitude/longitude: 33°55′33″S18°25′23″E
Decimal coordinates: -33.9258 18.4232

 Now you Google for South Africa and “The Teeth of The Children” and tell me what you find.  In return I shall try introducing you to a Man of Africa to tell you his story.

 t has not been told yet, never even tried to do so; it is not what you saw in Meryl Streep in her Out of Africa melancholy, Folks, not at all; that was Hollywood; you should know, surely by now everyone should know that Hollywood is on another Planet way out in space.

 Will see you soon.  Google for the Catfish Capital of the World, or in the Universe for that matter, while you are at it and watch this space.  I shall return to introduce you to the Bool Sheet Capital of the World.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA aka Americoon