HLB Barnett Chown AAA WWW Alert in Voices from Africa

Jaksonian Philosophy

Toy I bring my readers the first Post in a series about Voicess of We teople in South Africa.

 I will run the entire series in Facebook too and ask my readers to be on the lookout for the voice of a young man from Africa; he is far better qualified than I am but I have the background in Finance that he can use.  He is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Party but …

 Julius, my Bra, you must realize that Freedom is not all about the ownership of Land.  You annoy and scare People who would back you on the land issue [most of them have no more land than you do anyway] but the major problem in South Africa is not about the Land.

 s, grab some of the land; some of our ancestors did that, so I don’t see it as…

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