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Some facts about Ozone Holes, Weather Patterns and Climate Change

November 30, 2018

I have given you:

 The full story of the retirement of Ulrich Uber Vane

Now I resent you with some facts you may Google if you so wish.  There is pelnty; some may relate to what I bring you here and some not; you be the judge.

 In June of 1964 we had three feet of snow in Johannesburg; never before or ever since.  When that melted it gushed down over flat land and nearly drowned a town called Upington in parched dry land almost 1000 miles south, south west of Johannesburg, the only route available to take the floods.  We traveled through there on our way to dry Namibia in June 1965 and saw the remaining debri 10 foot above the ground in trees that remained.

 A friend and I travelled the old Rhodesias [now Zambia and Zimbabwe] and saw Lake Kariba.  There is a version of the story that the movie Mister Moses, starring Robert Mitchum I think, was based on the Kariba project; Google to check it out.  Caborra Basa followed from that.

 In the last week of October 1964 while we were there, three major events came over the car radio; the break-up of the Rhodesias and the Nyasaland Federation, the end of Krutchev in Russia, and the first nuclear test by China.

Let me finish this …. before it becomes a tirade.

 What have we in Southern Africa this year?

 We ve just come out of a dry spell; even the weeds had died out before the past winter brought some relief, but what do we have in stead?

 We should be hiding inside from swelterimg heat with temps of 35 to 40 degrees C.  No, not this year.  I had to turn the heater on in the aircon one night one week ago when it fell down to 10C.

 Wake up mankind!

There will be a follow-up om this soon.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon