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Velocity Trade High Priority Alert to be on the lookout for Ponzi Trading in Unregulated Derivatives

November 20, 2014

See previous link:

Now read this. The South African public has just had enough; they are now taking action on rogue suppliers and illegitimate banking practices.

Velocity Trade is based in Toronto Canada and I am now emailing them. A good friend of mine emailed the local Velocity office with all the previously unanswered questions and was promised a reply from local Director, fellow named Dan Carter. Instead a lady he has never heard of was obviously called in and instructed to pen some nonsense in an email to see whether they could force the enquiry to die. Dan Carter is remaining MUM. Google on his name under Velocity and have a laugh.

For how long must Mister Citizen endure the malpractices of the large International Rogue Conglomerates? Velocity Trade knows full well they are dealing in unregulated securities [what a use for the word?] in order to escape scrutiny by the South African Financial Services Board and the Revenue Authorities.

Don’t part with your money to them; they are experts in making it disappear.

Our JSE is fast becoming the international hub for money laundering.

Solving our problems on a Comet

November 16, 2014

The past few weeks have solved most of the problems on planet Earth.

Mankind will survive and prosper on a comet. Made of the best cheese mixtures [much better than the moon], abundant clear fresh water for a thousand large cities, watermelons ten times the size of the best on earth. Press a button and fly on to Mars and back for free.


Internet is installed and free for anyone. Press a button and the tooth fairy will serve the watermelon, with a choice of ten ice-creams.

Who says I am joking? It’s been on the News for two weeks and you have not made your reservation? You have a chance to get away from the drag that life has become on an overpopulated earth and you are going to pass on it?

I understand that they are virtually ready to install the pipelines to supply rivers full of clean water [free] and clean renewable energy to every home and industry on earth for the poor amongst us who don’t like flying in space.

The answer is in Heaven; what are we waiting for? To live in a pollution free environment with no earth warming or climate change, I am off guys. The maiden trip is mine.

Tata. Happy New year to y’all down there at the bottom.

A Bleak Future

November 3, 2014

I read these Articles in the early hours of this morning and decided to comment.

Arthur, [that’s the name of one author] I have to say this tongue in cheek because if people find out I am actually serious they will laugh in my face.

I look at World events in periods of 50 years and have found the best time lines to be the 50 years starting on 10 and 60; therefore the previous 50 was from 1960 to the last day of 2009; The current one started the first day of 2010.

By the start of the one on Wednesday 1st January 2110 the World will be a desolate place, hopefully starting to recover but I doubt it, from the excesses of the past 50 years, the one that we are in now [with decay setting in rapidly] and the one coming along in 2060 that will destroy the last vestiges of what is currently considered to be so great and wonderful.

We will start 2110 with barter trade in a world that will have maybe two million people; there will be no Internet. Those given the task will have to start from scratch and food will be first on the agenda for many decades.

What is the main cause of my silly view, you may ask. Very simply, our addiction to the wonders of the computer will be our downfall. Hi tech has developed to the extreme where we don’t need brains any longer; we have stopped using what we have left of the grey matter and of course, long lost our ability to think.

We are now being run by a generation of ignoramuses.

GMail Down

October 16, 2014

Google Wednesday, 15 October 2014 7:35:07 AM


Where two extreme opposites converge

October 7, 2014

When I published this Post in WordPress and in South Africa and it did not attract a lot of attention I smirked at first and decided to let it go but this one changed my mind for me.

I do not see an Apocalypse as some predict where the Globe itself will be shattered and all life will be gone; what we have and given to us free is just too perfect and so divine that it will last for evermore.

What we do on it is another matter; the dreaded apocalypse is taking shape right now.

The writer of the second Post shocked me into action.

At no time in World History have we seen or even considered possible the convergence of the two extreme opposites of Barbarism and Civilization; at no time did the excesses of the ruling Roman Empire come anywhere near the excesses of “modern civilization” in Africa.

Freedom has become the bondage that is destroying Liberty.

Americans in particular are often too critical about any restriction or even a perception of restriction on freedom of the individual that they forget that American Independence and a bitter War against the Colonial Masters came about for the freedom to trade for their own cause. The Declaration of Independence had nothing to do with individual liberty or democratic principles. Independence had nothing to do with the vote [or the right to vote] but was all about their right to trade.

What we see in Africa today is really a new Ruler Class [much like the old Roman Empire] of about 1% of 1% of the population living it up like the Roman Royal Blood with the rest of the population moving inexorably towards ever greater poverty.

Let me hasten to add that it has nothing to do with race or skin color; the present governing regime in South Africa makes a big fuss about the “demographic reality” that utterly ignores the truth of demographic Africa a mere one or two hundred years ago, leave alone five hundred years or more. Let me also hasten to add that the political governing regime, though mostly of the black races are gleefully supported by “white money” to such an extent that one can say that at their level race or skin color has no effect today.

Unfortunately this truism applies down the line as well. Poverty has never had any regard for skin color.

Read the second Post referred to above and enjoy the ride.

There will be an apocalypse, yes for sure; the hungry will take to the streets and kill the rich, much like happened in the French Revolution. It will not be a racial confrontation; white people will sit on the sideline watching the poor blacks killing the rich blacks.

Maybe we will then have the start of a new civilization with norms, duty, responsibility, honor and liberty for all.

In Dutch we say

April 17, 2014

Well, we would say “Dis nou fokken snaaks.”

Read the Article and the first two comments in this link:

It can only happen in South Africa. The whole darn JSE Stock Exchange goes down when a few copper cable thieves need some wire for the black market..

Hoi for Toi is the expression we use when we are surprised by an everyday event for which they will hang you in China. Here we laugh it off.

A new Word called pinc

January 14, 2014

Actually you can spell it any way you want to:

 P[in]C, pinc, Pinc, PInc [like in Pea Incorporated], You choose.

 Try to figure it out.  First correct answer can have my Vodacom Contract with a brand new modem.  The latter works at the speed of light in the city but like a lame snail where I live and Vodacom is too proud to admit that the Brain Dead Syndrome has affected their ranks.

 Come on now; it is quite easy.  Ok then, I shall give you a clue.  What do you see if you spell it PInc?

 Nebo No-Go Voda Non-Com.  Don’t worry about this par; it’s a common joke in South Africa.  It is not even remotely related to the topic.

Answer is [……………….].  The number of dots is another clue.  Now Go Go Voda; just go away, will yeah?  PInc.


And now we have a Missing Night too

August 25, 2013

This is getting out of hand and I hasten to explain that I am talking about night like in not white, certainly no White Knight in sight; this one is as black as the night [shucks now we have racial overtones but be that as it may] and as cold as the black dark wet night of August 23rd in the year 2013.

Somebody tried to cover up the theft of a previous day by reversing things but got himself so mixed up that he went in exactly the opposite direction that the other Day thieves tried in their escape; it’s there in hard cold figures, not like in black on white as we used to say before all went black and the clock turned back. We have computers now [yes computers, modern sophisticated hi-tech computers] that the big boys believe to be infallible.

One crooked mind can twist that computer; one with a team can make World Finance look silly. They cannot change night into day but they can cause a complete shut down and dump the World into a mess to ghastly to contemplate.

Run folks; take your savings out of the Stock Exchange and blow it. There may be nothing left if you wait.

The best and hopefully the only scenario facing us is one of two bandit computer chips normally each working for his own profit to face each other during tomorrow night August 26th to 27th to square things up. One chip normally declares his position by 19:00 or thereabouts and the other one by 06:00 early next morning.

As of Saturday 24th the night chip went the other direction away from the afternoon chip at 19:00 the previous evening. In the worst scenario for the World the two will continue on their own separate ways and we will find out about that by 06:00 GMT – 1 Tuesday, August 27th.

We will keep y’all informed from our Observation Post way down in the Deepest South.

Space colonies, Obama’s concern for Mandela, Mandela’s concerns about Mandela versus Reality

April 2, 2013

Taking things too seriously has been my Achilles heel for life and I almost repeated the same old mistake when I came across this:

 It frustrated me so much I almost decided to get serious but I remembered this Blog about a fellow writing on Colonizing Space.  I don’t know whether the guy is serious or whether he is just a prank; he writes some good stuff; some of his ideas sound weird but some make a lot of sense {I can’t make up my mind] and I suddenly remembered his recent Post on Marital Reform legislation for his Space Colonies.

 “That’s the answer, jou pampoen,” a voice said to me, as if someone was standing right next to me.

 “Jou Pampoen” is Dutch for “You Pumpkin” and the affectionate way in Dutch for saying to a friend: “Here, fetch another six-pack while you are up take and let us laugh a little, oh yeah, and don’t take that stuff so seriously, jou Pampoen.”  That’s like between friends who take their friendship seriously.

 If this guy, I reckoned it out, can get his space colony going I shall ask him to put Mandela and Obama on the inauguration flight, one way ticket.

 America can collect enough money from the 57 States voters to erect a statue for Obama and put it next to the monstrosity of Mandela’s on Trafalgar Square in that little island country from where your great great … great forbearers departed to colonize America way back when.

 Let the pigeons show their concern for Obama as they are showing concerning Mandela.  Come on, the two will really make a lovely couple for all future generations of pigeons.

 This is not a political Post; my vows to avoid politics remain firmly in place.  Politics are for the birds and we should show tangible concern for pigeons.

 To show our concern for the human race we should dispatch half of all politicians, bankers, lawyers and other parasite species to the space colonies as soon as this fellow can get it going to see them colonies off to a good start.

 And Yeah, censorbugbear, my fellow countryman at WordPress, come in and tell me how to get a comment into your Posts; maybe it is my system but your subscription system keep on blocking me.  Please help me to get in:

 I am also after the scoundrels at Telkom SA; let us join forces.

Government Ponzi Schemes

March 29, 2013

In South Africa a Ponzi Scheme is an Investment Scheme or Trust [often fraudulent] that runs on a pyramid style offering to pay very high interest on investments and the Top guy [s] siphon off great sums of money into private back pockets whilst paying the high interest rates from the cash flow generated by new investments.

 It works much like Democracy in America.  A career in Politics pays better than drug trafficking or crime combined.

 In South Africa we have gone one step further though I believe that then Americans are learning real fast and are catching up on us.  There was a time in Capitalism that the entrepreneur was the highest earner, obviously as a natural award for risking his own money and bonding his personal assets, but in our New Democracy Government salaries are now way ahead of entrepreneurial income levels.  Parliament first set the example but they were soon overtaken by 8 to 5 Municipal Managers [“Executives”] now “earning” the big bucks, driving the luxury cars and living the high life in the Mansions built for Kings.  Screw the “low-down” working poor and the unemployed, has become the slogan; “let them bake their own cake and eat it”, whilst reducing the smaller entrepreneur to the poor working class and taxing him to pay for the extravagances of the New Rich.

 It works like a Ponzi scheme; the only difference is that their one is legal.  Is it not ironic that it seems to surprise them when a private individual starts a small scheme of his own?  Out comes the law: freeze the bank account of the intruder; strip him of his assets; fast act, get him out of the way in no time at all.  They don’t suffer competition easily; after all they are in the Big League and intend to retain the leadership role.

 Read some more about one of my favorites; well I was a favorite of them too until I withdrew my investment support:

 [To be continued]