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Jaksonian Institute Frontline Research Awards for 2014

December 18, 2014

Winners for 2014 in the categories for the Jaksonian Research Institute’s Global Country and Country Leadership Awards

This is the first year that we will actually publish the Awards; with so many awards and all the hue and cry from institutions and others about their Awards, from Nobel to the ridiculous to the bizarre we have so far avoided the fray because we did not want what we regard as the most important and the only valid research method to be tainted by the horse and pony shows of others in the Award Field.

Frontline Research differs from other methods; we shall tell you more about that as we go along because we want to get all the announcements out before Dec 25th and there will be quite a few.

There will be a number of categories and our first year of actually publishing our Awards will kick off with the Country and Country Leader Awards for 2014.

The field wasn’t crowded this year but it was still difficult to be fair; we considered issuing more than one because we had many qualifiers for many categories from excellence to pathetic.

In the end we decided that three Countries were so close, though each also merited special mentioning and maybe the outright winner but it was still close. So we decided to be fair.

For 2014, dear Reader, the Jaksonian Country Award for Excellence, which we have decided to name the Global Award will be shared by:

Australia for their handling of the Hostage affair,

Russia for their handling of the Oil Price debacle,

China maybe could have made it to first place alone: she didn’t have the problems of the other two but her handling of Africa had put her in the lead on that score and hence sharing the overall Award is our view the fairest to all three.

Give them all a big hand.

At the same time we announce the Atlas Award for Excellence in Country Leadership.

It was again down to the same three countries that get to share the Global Country Award. Again it was difficult because each country has its own way of electing their leader. The three could have shared but one had a little edge. The Australian candidate is relatively new in the field; the great leader of China is in his certain greatness of mind and intellect also a modest man and won’t mind we are sure, if we say that Vladimir Putin had the edge for the occasion. A quiet man, making no noise, doing things are his strength, dear Readers I hand you the man deserving the Jaksonian Research Institute’s Atlas Award as Country Leader of the World for 2014 with runners up the Presidents of China and Australia.

Watch this space in the next week.