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Compulsory Reading for the Hillbillies and Obamaha

August 18, 2012

Let me explain the headline because this Post itself will be very short.

 My reference to the Hillbillies and Obamaha obviously means Hillary and Bill Clinton and their erstwhile O for Opponent but now new loves for all.  That’s it.

 The important thing in this Post is the link that follows.  I almost followed my notion to call the Post Compulsory Reading for the American Democratic Party because no Democratic Administration in America since and including Kennedy has had the slightest understanding of what Africa is.

 The link is important because it was written right on the spot by people who understand.  The news have gone around the Globe a number of times by now.

 Read this one out of the horse’s mouth though, for one reason.  For a second reason read a South African comment [I think it is comment #75 or near there.]  I give you a gist of the feeling from an unedited version of the comment.  Here is the link:

 And here is the unedited verbatim Comment about Dear Hillary:

 Hillary Clinton recently visit SA to dissuade us from backing China and Russia, we sent the evil monster packing – and now western media will try to demonize SA like they do with President Assad. I am a white south african who fully support the stance of the black government and police against thugs who arrived armed to the teeth at protests.
Such people are not peaceful protesers!
What does the west want to do? Back a few more terrorists and thugs and blame a government who is restoring the peace?

Russia and China has a moral high ground over the west these days, sadly we have to rather support them than the US who is twisting the truth of events to suit its own agenda.
USA people are great but your elite are sick control freaks on a collision course with the rest of the free world.”

 You be the Judge.