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Ikepedia on People, Sheepolls and Voters

February 24, 2013

This is my last Post on Politics; in fact I shall only mention the latter in passing and then leave it behind me.  I am done with Politics.

 The word Sheepolls is the African vernacular; like Americans can’t pronounce pampoen [Dutch for pumpkin]; heck, now that I think about it, they can’t even pronounce English pumpkin in the way that we do.

 Let me say right here and now that the aforementioned and what will follow is in no way intended as a negative reflection on Africa.  Old Africa had advanced systems of governance, law and order, social responsibility, family values and all the graces that are normally listed as requirements for a civilized Society.  OK, they didn’t read or write but so didn’t many of the so-called civilized “Western Nations” that came to settle here.

 Who in any event decides or has a sole right to decide on pronunciation?  Huh?

 Well, as in America the expression “sheeple” is derived from people, in Africa the word peoples is pronounced as peepolls, coming off the American tongue the first syllable would be like the silent pee in bath, and the second exactly the way Americans would pronounce the place where you go and vote [at the polls].

 It is not my intention to define who or which group of voters would be people or sheepolls; suffices to say that we find both groups voting all over the World.  Who are more inclined or less inclined for that matter, to actually go to the polls and vote is of no concern to me.  My only concern is the Voter.

 Or perhaps I should have said it is the number of actual votes that count and draw my conclusions from that.

 That is why it is called Ikepedia, see.

 Now then; my last words on Politics, and of course, on the interpretation of votes we have two points to consider.

 In the old and the new Western World the system in fact worked exactly the same as in Africa except that out here they didn’t waste a lot of time and money on elections.  The elders met on a regular basis and named their man [no women at that stage, like in America until 1920] and he was elected.  America and England in particular used exactly the same process but added the money and the trimmings.

 Point two is that the African way was a lot more democratic because every elder took part and got his say thus producing a truly democratic result, whereas, particularly in America, as much as half of the voters never even bothered to go to the polls, not now or in the past.

 What do We the People have then Folks?

 We have a winner; an elected man every time.  In a Democracy the one with the greatest number of votes or electoral districts [ala Gore vs. GW] get to be announced as the leader.

 I don’t like the Bama because he is a liar and neither do I like Zuma the philanderer; but they got the votes.  Whether they got voted in by citizens, legally registered citizens with the right to vote, or whether half of the voters were sheepolls simply won’t change the basic fact that the guy in the Big House won fair and square.

 And of course, as always everywhere the winner takes all.