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A short Interlude

September 26, 2017

I don’t know how long it will be but I have to take a short interlude for my eye.

It is not getting any better though I keep hoping that the deterioration has slowed down and I am taking care to protect what I have and that it doesn’t get worse.

However, I have learned that one must listen when the human body speaks.  I have had a good life; done my bit to live and let live and now face an adversary in Court on Thursday 19th instant.  I need all my wits and powers of observation to clear that hurdle.

Blogging is not all I live for; life has more than that and the Internet is not much more than a convenient tool to me.  It is more often the opposite of that and were it not for the fact that our family ties are now spread around the globe I would live without the Net.

On the other hand it has bestowed on me the joys of meeting a few people that I would not otherwise have met.  I won’t mention names now but a few of us are in regular email contact and they mean a lot to me.  They more than make up for the negative side of the Net that I abhor and despise in human life.

To these few, thank you guys and gals; you are blessings from our Lord God to me and I hope to be that to you one day when you need a shoulder as you have been for me.

For a while therefore my contribution to this Blog will be the minimum that I feel I should do that must be done now.  I remain positive about our Country and will make my contribution to ensure a better life for all whenever or whatever I can contribute to that.  Darn and damn those who cannot see it this way simply because they do not want to see it.

Bless you, all true friends.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


Migration of Faith and Religion

January 17, 2015


The France satirical Newspaper killings of early Jan 2015 calls for an overview

Mankind has travelled with his Faith and/or with his Religion since time memorial; that has at times brought strife but mostly on small regional scale in the early days when the world was mostly inhabited by tribes.

Make no mistake, all mankind consist of some tribal past.

In that context Faiths and/or Religions sometimes rubbed shoulders and often rendered other differences indistinct.

During the Colonial times large numbers of migrants brought entire new Faiths with them and actually much too often it was the incoming Faith that tried to convert the local ones. Fortunately for the World these efforts were not always successful.

When Colonialism was reversed, starting around the beginning of 1960, the old mother countries couldn’t ask and certainly did not endeavor to do so with the result that when the original colonial citizens took up their automatic right of citizenship in their old mother countries, some of the latter were almost swamped by new waves of new Faiths. Events between 1990 and 2000 clearly indicate that nobody had ever given this possibility any consideration or even considered the possibilities and effects.

What might have been a situation of ‘we don’t ask and you don’t tell’ soon became a matter of ‘and who in hell are you to tell me; get lost you silly idiot’ and another dead body on the ground.

In the beginning of time America legislated to ensure Freedom of Religion [though some may disagree with my choice of words] with the 2nd Amendment in an effort to prevent the problem becoming one and it worked for Old America, worked very well indeed I would add.

However, though others have tried to create their own secular societies modern life and new definitions of things have often produced mongrel societies which have turned anti-religious. We can no longer rely on our tribal codes of conduct and our human heritage; the small worlds of our ancestors have turned into one unholy mess where it is difficult to recognize the melting pot from the sewage hole even though both are overflowing.

Have we finally reached the stage where Freedom of the Press has not only become Freedom of Expression to burn the Flag; when Freedom of the Media means Freedom to insult another Man’s Faith and how far are we from Freedom of the Black Races to Kill anyone carrying a White Flag?

Don’t shout at me for saying Charlie Hebdo must change his form of Satire or prepare to meet his Maker. Allow me to be straight please; Hebdo continuing his brand of Freedom doesn’t have much of a chance in the longevity stakes and you won’t see me shedding tears every time another Hebdo bites the dust.

“Congress shall not make any law ……? Wasn’t that what they said? Or is now like the story of the Big War: “One day they came for Isaac, …. then they came for Solly …. and when they came for you there was nobody left to talk for you?”

 PS: No time or space left to discuss Freedom of the Internet. Thus a note of warning will have to suffice. Spend your money; blow it at the Casino if you have to, before it disappears anyway courtesy of Freedom of the Internet.