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Conversations about Analogies

August 7, 2015

These conversations are taking place in South Africa.

Way back in the Kennedy days our country was often the main topic; most of the time the only topic in World conversations. A major shift has since occurred; the conversations are now taking place on our shores.

“How are they doing, Son?”

“Very good, Dad, I would say excellent in fact.”

“Are you pleased now that we didn’t move on in ’88?”

“Yeah Dad, very pleased; you know that I was sorry afterwards that I didn’t accept your offer, but things have changed so much I am pleased now we didn’t. And you, Dad, how ya feel now?”

“Well Son, to tell you the truth; your future meant so much to me and it hurt for quite a while that you couldn’t go the only route that I could afford then but as you say, things have changed. I am pleased today that we stayed put.”

“Yeah Dad, we have a lot of shit right now and I expect it to get worse but we will be better off soon.”

“Much sooner than you think, Son. Yeah, much much sooner. They are on a roller coaster now, heading our way but they don’t understand it.”

“More like a runaway train, Dad; or a clone that went its own way. The direction mechanisms all gone awry and the thing is tumbling to wherever it may go.”

“And our Folks out here, Son? How’re you dooin’ wit’ them?”

“Well Dad, I done tole you a while ago that I have stopped doing Government business. When the guv, semi or fully in charge move in I close my bags and leave.”


“Yeah Dad, but you will be surprised at what I have learned. I am sure you understand but only a very few other White Folks have any inkling of reality.”

“That’s a wide statement, my boy; what do you mean by that?”

“Dad, a lot of White people think Africa had no governance when our ancestors arrived here, so we set about installing governments based on the European models that were available; in fact it is a bit of a laugh, Dad, but we were setting up the same governing systems that is now a failure in the European systems of today.”

“Yeah, I think I understand; if you are referring to the tribal instincts, as I see it.”

“Spot on, Dad. Europeans of old were tribesmen as much as Africa was but Europe can’t get to figure it out whereas our tribes have virtually completed the process. I leave a conference, as I said, and most times within a day or two a guy will find me on the phone, asking to speak to me confidentially and off the record.”


 “Yeah, Dad, and I will have a booking to come and see him next week.”

 “Huh, but you said you dropped all Government business?”

 “Yeah Dad, and please stop the Huh, Huh. I get to his place, the industrial and business leaders of his tribe are introduced to me and then he leaves but you gotta see this to believe it.”

 “Son, you better explain real fast if you don’t want me sayin’ Huh again.”

 “Ole Dad, my dear ole Dad; then he goes but before he does he tells me to deal with his people direct and ignore Central Government. I get paid well and I think they all get their customary cut but I get the business without the interference … and anyway, Dubai is on the move again. I have a lot of work lined up there and next month I am making my first trip to China; invitation has been received and I accepted. China is on the move in Africa and the Russians are getting in too.”

 “And the rest, huh Son?”

 “They are Africanizing, Dad; they seem to have the need for it. It won’t work for them but they are welcome to try as far as I am concerned.

 Yeah, Africanizing is spreading its wings over Europe and the oceans of the continents, except for China and Russia. On these two rest the power of the New World and the will to stop the rot elsewhere.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


History Part 2

July 27, 2015

My first Post in this series simply called HISTORY was always going to be Part One but I thought about it and dropped the Part One words from the Headline because I wasn’t sure when I was going to do the next one and how many there will be.

This is it now and I can say that I expect the series to go up to Part 6 or thereabouts.

This one is also like the first One different from what will follow in the Parts to come and I want to establish certain principles of history that is quite obviously unknown or not generally understood. Maybe they are only my opinions but I shall leave every reader deciding on his/her own conclusions.

The first point is that though it should not be so any opinion of recorded history largely depends on who wrote the book and/or who reads it. AND [kindly note the capitals] unfortunately it also depends on when it was written and when it is read.

In my own reading career I once read Memoirs of General Grivas on the Cyprus wars between Greeks and Turks. I couldn’t make up my mind who to support. When I read the book again 20 years later I still could not take sides between Grivas and Makarios and be honest with myself.

In the early sixties I read Glimpses of World History by Jawaharlal Nehru and was impressed. Thirty years later I was even more impressed by the great Man when I read the book again. I put him above Gandhi on the World scales of measurement of greatness. The strange anomaly in our country is that many people remember Gandhi [some despise him and some adore him; personally I don’t see him as any great figure in History] but very few ever read anything on Nehru.

My third and last example on the point should suffice.

Having been an adult life long supporter of a multi racial but united South Africa [classified as an extreme Liberal which I was not, though I was a Paton admirer and Fan] I could hardly wait to buy my personal copy of Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela.

I tried to read the book; put it aside several times and tried again and again but something didn’t gel; it became obvious that it was not Mandela’s own writing though it was enthusiastically promoted as the words of the “Great Icon.” I put the book aside for a number of years and re-read it after his attack on America with the warning about Gadaffi that “your enemies are not our enemies,” and after he had informed his successor, a wimp of a man called Thabo Mbeki, to give the prisoners the vote in M’Beki’s election to the Presidency in 1999. That time I managed to get through it with a feeling of despair for our country growing in my mind. The book was nothing more than a personal song of praise to an enormous ego in a large vacuum of utter emptiness.

I have learned to read all history as the opinion of one person. This is therefore, the way you can and should, read this. It is an opinion and I would like to hear from you before I go onto a very important Part Three about parallels and repetition of history.

You may read this Post in the meantime:

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


History with a short glance at Greece today

July 24, 2015

J.F Kennedy ran for and won the American Presidential Election in the year I had turned 20.

The youth of the time were not as bright as the young ones of today; we didn’t yet know everything but we did speak a lot about how much we knew.

A disease named VD scared most of us but not everyone; in my time though, only one friend collected the dubious distinction; most of us married the first girl he got to know.

Some years later as the youth got to know more somebody announced the discovery of a more serious affliction than VD and they called it Herpes. As young ones became cleverer and soon knew everything they also discovered Aids but that was long after our time.

Some wise crack in his mid twenties came out with the rather comical joke during the Herpes period.

Question: What is the difference between Love and Herpes?

Answer: Herpes lasts forever.

Now that everyone knows everything when he/she is 18, even has the vote [heck in our time we had to wait for 21]; heck, I wonder who can solve this riddle.

Question: What is the difference between Greece and the EU?

Ah well, I am old enough now and Greece is very old; let me give you the answer:

What is the difference? Answer: Greece will last forever.

Rest my case.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


Aristotle Socrates Onassis of Greece

July 10, 2015

Can anyone be more Greek than the names in the Headline?

If you have not read Greek Philosophy in the past read this now that Greece is in the news every day.

The great man once [it was close on fifty years ago] took delivery of three new oil tankers in one transaction with a consortium of banks and an ignoramus of a Western News rag asked him about the cost.

“And why three tankers at the same time,” he asked Onassis, adding “that must have cost you quite a penny.”

“Young man,” said Onassis, “let me explain to you how money works at the banks.”

“The banks, Sir, Mister Onassis,” the young reporter asked.

“Yes, young man,” said Onassis,” I don’t own the new vessels yet. The banks advanced me the money to buy them and I must now make sure that they earn the money for me to pay the banks.”

“But what happens if you can’t pay the money?”

“Let me explain, young man,” said Onassis, “when I asked the bank for 100 million [that was the cost of one tanker at the time] they offered me 300 million so I can buy three tankers. I accepted their offer; the attorneys completed the forms and the banks and I signed, and you have now seen my three new tankers.”

“But Sir, Mister Onassis, what happens if you can’t pay the money back?”

“Young man,” said Onassis, “I can now see why you are only a small reporter for a small Ragazine. Allow me asking you a question?”

That pleased the young reporter. “Sure Sir, fire ahead.”

“OK,” the wise old guy said, “tell me what will happen if you owe the bank 1 000 and you can’t repay it?”

“I shall be in trouble, Sir.”

And if you owe the bank 3 000 and can’t pay?”

“I shall be in big trouble, Sir, Mister Onassis. But I don’t understand your line of questioning. I can’t even buy a small boat with a mini engine for 1 000.”

”Son,’ Onassis said, “that I can understand but you have to understand banks and big money. What do you think will happen if I bought only one tanker for 100 million and can’t pay?”

“I guess you will be in trouble, beg your pardon for saying so, Sir.”

“No, young man, that’s not how banks work. I shall explain it to you in short. If I owed them 100 million for one tanker and can’t pay they will be in trouble. With 300 million on three tankers if I can’t pay they will be in big trouble. That’s also the reason I borrow the money from a consortium of foreign banks for the safety of Greece. They are literally willing to throw us as much money as we ask for.

This comes to you with compliments and acknowledgement for the story to Readers Digest.

In the EU at this time Frau Merkel is in big trouble.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


The EU Whorehouse Comedy.

June 13, 2015

The European Union never was anything other than a high class whorehouse; somebody had the wild dream that it could be the Elite Club for selected Members and the Banking Whores of selected countries to form a private bastion for financial gain of Members Only; no Americans allowed to enter.

Nobody gave a single thought to China, Russia or Asia.

Did they really think that they could pull it off, or did they simply never give it a thought?

America has always been pre-occupied with their fears of Russia and China and kept the World informed of Communist ideology in order to maintain financial supremacy, also in the belief that they would in the course of time be handed the long anticipated boom in African Trade on a plate and never even saw the folly of their isolation across the pond. They missed the rise of Entrepreneurial China, Russia and Asia by the proverbial mile but finally woke up though it was too late to stop the rising Asian giants.

Fortunately, or so some Americans thought, Crimea came up and they scrambled in for the kill in the hope that it would also give them a new foot in the door to trade with Europe. Shucks, they even managed to convince Merkel and France to support them against Russia. The oil price helped a little; they even started to think that they can now take Russia out, but once again forgot to check up on old history; kind of surprised to find that China is backing Russia to the hilt.

Then little old Greece decided they had paid enough to the Whores of Europe and the Comedy commenced.

In the past week hardly one day has passed without at least ten commentaries on Grexit in the World Financial Media. Two days ago some started adding Brexit for extra laughs during interval.

Now I am not saying that the Greeks have a strong poker hand in the present turmoil but it seems obvious that the EU Whores are in the same predicament. Someone may be sitting with three aces; who knows? It’s a game that can probably be won by two small pairs.

 I wonder what makes me think that the Greeks may just have that and actually dare to play it.


February 14, 2015


Greece is an old Country. That’s point one that you have to remind yourself of when you read about the present day Greece and the EU stand-off.

There are nine more points:

Point 2 = ditto

Points 3 to 10: same as points 1 and 2.

Now you read a modern day comparison between Greece and Germany by Leopold Scholtz, the latter whom I regard as the only modern writer sufficiently experienced to write about these matters. Here is the link:

Then you have to read this:

It’s a little long [measuring 54 pages in size 18 Verdana for my eye] but worth it. You will also have a good few laughs of joy; it is extremely well written.

Lastly, what with all the hullabaloo about the EU, Russia and Germany, just take the globe and see whether you can locate Turkey and Cyprus in relationship to Greece on the map of our old World.

 Then sit down and think. Think about your home country wherever you may live and think about the above. Figure out what you gotta do back home before you speak about Greece, Russia, Turkey and the EU.