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One Short Interlude in my Series of Posts on Time and Related Matters

August 14, 2016

I hope this is a one-off because I want to spend the remainder of my Blogging Career on Time and matters of Time; it is something that needs to be done before I go and it needs to be done well.

For this interlude this is one of maybe two Posts on Hi-Tech, looked at from the vantage point of my time in Life.

Hi-Tech has overtaken the World and had some good in it but is now run by children and it stinks.  That is why it is a bubble that simply cannot last, not even very long after today.  I see signs that it is already crumbling at the edges in the Financial World and hope for some control over it before I depart these shores.  Today I have a challenge to Google et al, and to all the young kids that are designing hi-tech computer systems.

Wake up and develop some conscience about putting something back for those who bred you, fed you, and those that dressed you, sent you to school and often for years after that still cared for you.  Start caring for them, if you can manage that.  Remember them because your time must come too.

How about some good deed from Hi-Tech?  The first one is for Cell Phone designers.

I need a cell phone for people with eye and hearing impediments. It must have “large print on the screen” and large keys as well as a loud ringing tone; just one like the old handset phones. Don’t need no SMS, camera, icons or any rubbish; no music or videos. Come on Hi-Tech; you stink but you can’t be that stupid. And I don’t need Internet or Google or any of the stupid things on the darn instrument, just a straight simple old-time phone.  Go ahead and distribute; I shall pay cash for mine but you idiots should have some conscience and give it for FREE AND GRATIS to the folks that put you into business in the first place.

Apologies to my readers that the email address below is still barred.  Ike Jakson is alive and well and still very much around.  I am not that stupid.  Google confirms that the name exists and nobody can take it away from me but not even I can get access to the account.


Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


Happy New Years and I

January 1, 2016

This is going to develop into a tirade that will soon change into Open War.  Yes I have had it with some people; this year I declare War on them.  Be assured it will be a dirty and a vicious War; you will all see; watch this space.

No prisoners are going to be taken; the object and sole purpose of the War will be to erase the enemy from the face of this earth.

It starts today.

But whoa, before I start shooting with my poison gun, a Happy New Year to all my Friends.

Stay with our Lord and Creator, my friends; we shall need each other in the coming weeks.  This is one New Year resolution that I am going to stick with and I shall need you in the fight with the real enemy.

Info to be advised soon.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon