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The Origin, Evolution and the Inevitable Demise of Money Part Three

February 24, 2013

The demise finally came.

 Did you know that Colonialization of the World took about 300 years to complete; considering the slow progress during the first hundred years it required at least two hundred more to integrate and overpopulate the Globe, but it required a mere twenty years to undo it.

 It took centuries to establish and develop sound money; man needed only fifty years to undo it.

 Is it also not strange that the Demise of money happened within the same period that they were undoing Colonialization?  The Gold Standard was demolished in a day.

 The relevant time frame for the final demise can be described as the fifty years from 1960 to 2010; money as defined by Adam Smith finally declined in reality with the advent of the new generations of computers from 1990 onwards.  By the time 2010 ended money as a means to create WEALTH HAD ALL BUT CEASED.

 A well known columnist recently commented on the book In Gold We Trust by Matthew Bishop and Michael Green; you can read him HERE, while some continue to hope and cling to Gold, and hope for a  Return to the Gold Standard but alas.

 When President Nixon signed the departure from that old but by then obsolete guarantee of money in 1971 it was all over.  The Dream had ceased to exist.

 There was a funny twist worth a good laugh in the Media just recently. Germany, fearing an invasion from Russia way back during the Cold War had smuggled about 700 tons of gold bars out to place it in “safekeeping” in American Bank Vaults and they now want to cart it back to the Fatherland.  Can you understand the logistics in moving 700 tons of worthless Gold across the oceans?

 Finally visit and read The New Economic Rights Alliance by while you are laughing.  Just read paragraphs 1 and 2 near the top.

 Governments and Banks can’t even print the stuff fast enough and have to resort to the computer chip to create the impression of Neo Money.

 What a way to go?