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Conversations about Analogies

August 7, 2015

These conversations are taking place in South Africa.

Way back in the Kennedy days our country was often the main topic; most of the time the only topic in World conversations. A major shift has since occurred; the conversations are now taking place on our shores.

“How are they doing, Son?”

“Very good, Dad, I would say excellent in fact.”

“Are you pleased now that we didn’t move on in ’88?”

“Yeah Dad, very pleased; you know that I was sorry afterwards that I didn’t accept your offer, but things have changed so much I am pleased now we didn’t. And you, Dad, how ya feel now?”

“Well Son, to tell you the truth; your future meant so much to me and it hurt for quite a while that you couldn’t go the only route that I could afford then but as you say, things have changed. I am pleased today that we stayed put.”

“Yeah Dad, we have a lot of shit right now and I expect it to get worse but we will be better off soon.”

“Much sooner than you think, Son. Yeah, much much sooner. They are on a roller coaster now, heading our way but they don’t understand it.”

“More like a runaway train, Dad; or a clone that went its own way. The direction mechanisms all gone awry and the thing is tumbling to wherever it may go.”

“And our Folks out here, Son? How’re you dooin’ wit’ them?”

“Well Dad, I done tole you a while ago that I have stopped doing Government business. When the guv, semi or fully in charge move in I close my bags and leave.”


“Yeah Dad, but you will be surprised at what I have learned. I am sure you understand but only a very few other White Folks have any inkling of reality.”

“That’s a wide statement, my boy; what do you mean by that?”

“Dad, a lot of White people think Africa had no governance when our ancestors arrived here, so we set about installing governments based on the European models that were available; in fact it is a bit of a laugh, Dad, but we were setting up the same governing systems that is now a failure in the European systems of today.”

“Yeah, I think I understand; if you are referring to the tribal instincts, as I see it.”

“Spot on, Dad. Europeans of old were tribesmen as much as Africa was but Europe can’t get to figure it out whereas our tribes have virtually completed the process. I leave a conference, as I said, and most times within a day or two a guy will find me on the phone, asking to speak to me confidentially and off the record.”


 “Yeah, Dad, and I will have a booking to come and see him next week.”

 “Huh, but you said you dropped all Government business?”

 “Yeah Dad, and please stop the Huh, Huh. I get to his place, the industrial and business leaders of his tribe are introduced to me and then he leaves but you gotta see this to believe it.”

 “Son, you better explain real fast if you don’t want me sayin’ Huh again.”

 “Ole Dad, my dear ole Dad; then he goes but before he does he tells me to deal with his people direct and ignore Central Government. I get paid well and I think they all get their customary cut but I get the business without the interference … and anyway, Dubai is on the move again. I have a lot of work lined up there and next month I am making my first trip to China; invitation has been received and I accepted. China is on the move in Africa and the Russians are getting in too.”

 “And the rest, huh Son?”

 “They are Africanizing, Dad; they seem to have the need for it. It won’t work for them but they are welcome to try as far as I am concerned.

 Yeah, Africanizing is spreading its wings over Europe and the oceans of the continents, except for China and Russia. On these two rest the power of the New World and the will to stop the rot elsewhere.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


NATO playing with fire

June 18, 2015

Is NATO sane? Are the Member countries playing a game? Who is in charge this time?

Many questions need to be asked and answered before some idiot throws a match into the gunpowder barrel.

America must or will have to reduce its economic dependence on their over-supply of the killing stuff. It is dangerous to the point of inviting War to have to sell arms iso food to the nations of the World. Playing with fire is a risky business.

Someone is sure to burn his hands.