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Ikepedia on NewSpeak, OldSpeak and Froggy Stories

March 20, 2013

George Orwell published his book called 1984 in 1949 following on his essay called Animal farm in 1946.

 Many scholars have examined the validity of his works and many different views have been expressed on his choice of 1984 to predict [in a way sort of] the time frame for the unfolding of the event[s]; some equally well-known researchers even claim that he might have had 2020 in mind for the time when it would become reality.

 There is even greater division among researchers of who Orwell had in mind in his musings.  Many have said that he meant it to present a picture of Russia in 1984.  I read the book differently.  To my mind the work was not aimed at Russia or Communism at all [the proof is there that it never came about in Russia in the way he wrote about Big Brother controlling the minds and actions of the people through a television screen].  He certainly had a vision of something and being far ahead in thinking at the time already alluded to it in Animal Farm, thus predicting a change in the natural hierarchy of the species by putting the Animals in charge and eventually reducing mankind to the level of the visitor at the Zoo.  Just for a moment try and see us through the eyes of the monkey and the tiger in the Zoo.  How do they see I us?  Species Homo sapiens move along the designated paved walkways eating ice cream, waving little flags and hot air balloons with the Animals looking on in amazement at these strange creatures on the other side of the fence.  Who is behind the bars and who is free?  Indeed I may ask who is in bondage.

 Let me get back to how we speak; also allow me to jump in like a frog.

 Contrary to common thinking Animals do speak and they are [and have been] consistent in their methods of communication with others.  Homo sapiens are the species that failed, and in my mind that was the real thrust behind Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984.

 Have a look at this one and jot down the figures on a piece of paper.  LOL

 LOL LOL LeeHaaw Heehaw [ditto as many times as you want].

 Ever since the Darwin idiot wrote his silly book Man cannot decide whether the earth and everything on or in it have been around for six thousand years as some would have it or six thousand trillion years as others claim; scientists are baffled and quote figures; archeologists pick up or dig a bone out and quote other different figures; “nature conservation” ideologists and various do-gooder groups see a frog for the first time in their lives and we have another conference in some luxury hotel, sparkling vino and caviar by the barrel [don’t talk about the poor for at least one day] and let us talk about little frogs.

 What we simply don’t seem to realize is that froggies, bugs, ants, fruit flies [hundreds of species] trillions of these little things are on the move all the time.  They survive by moving when they get fed-up with all the noise we make.

 There you have it now.  Take it as my first and opening shot about the chosen headline.

 To be continued …