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A short Interlude

September 26, 2017

I don’t know how long it will be but I have to take a short interlude for my eye.

It is not getting any better though I keep hoping that the deterioration has slowed down and I am taking care to protect what I have and that it doesn’t get worse.

However, I have learned that one must listen when the human body speaks.  I have had a good life; done my bit to live and let live and now face an adversary in Court on Thursday 19th instant.  I need all my wits and powers of observation to clear that hurdle.

Blogging is not all I live for; life has more than that and the Internet is not much more than a convenient tool to me.  It is more often the opposite of that and were it not for the fact that our family ties are now spread around the globe I would live without the Net.

On the other hand it has bestowed on me the joys of meeting a few people that I would not otherwise have met.  I won’t mention names now but a few of us are in regular email contact and they mean a lot to me.  They more than make up for the negative side of the Net that I abhor and despise in human life.

To these few, thank you guys and gals; you are blessings from our Lord God to me and I hope to be that to you one day when you need a shoulder as you have been for me.

For a while therefore my contribution to this Blog will be the minimum that I feel I should do that must be done now.  I remain positive about our Country and will make my contribution to ensure a better life for all whenever or whatever I can contribute to that.  Darn and damn those who cannot see it this way simply because they do not want to see it.

Bless you, all true friends.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


Conversations about Analogies

August 7, 2015

These conversations are taking place in South Africa.

Way back in the Kennedy days our country was often the main topic; most of the time the only topic in World conversations. A major shift has since occurred; the conversations are now taking place on our shores.

“How are they doing, Son?”

“Very good, Dad, I would say excellent in fact.”

“Are you pleased now that we didn’t move on in ’88?”

“Yeah Dad, very pleased; you know that I was sorry afterwards that I didn’t accept your offer, but things have changed so much I am pleased now we didn’t. And you, Dad, how ya feel now?”

“Well Son, to tell you the truth; your future meant so much to me and it hurt for quite a while that you couldn’t go the only route that I could afford then but as you say, things have changed. I am pleased today that we stayed put.”

“Yeah Dad, we have a lot of shit right now and I expect it to get worse but we will be better off soon.”

“Much sooner than you think, Son. Yeah, much much sooner. They are on a roller coaster now, heading our way but they don’t understand it.”

“More like a runaway train, Dad; or a clone that went its own way. The direction mechanisms all gone awry and the thing is tumbling to wherever it may go.”

“And our Folks out here, Son? How’re you dooin’ wit’ them?”

“Well Dad, I done tole you a while ago that I have stopped doing Government business. When the guv, semi or fully in charge move in I close my bags and leave.”


“Yeah Dad, but you will be surprised at what I have learned. I am sure you understand but only a very few other White Folks have any inkling of reality.”

“That’s a wide statement, my boy; what do you mean by that?”

“Dad, a lot of White people think Africa had no governance when our ancestors arrived here, so we set about installing governments based on the European models that were available; in fact it is a bit of a laugh, Dad, but we were setting up the same governing systems that is now a failure in the European systems of today.”

“Yeah, I think I understand; if you are referring to the tribal instincts, as I see it.”

“Spot on, Dad. Europeans of old were tribesmen as much as Africa was but Europe can’t get to figure it out whereas our tribes have virtually completed the process. I leave a conference, as I said, and most times within a day or two a guy will find me on the phone, asking to speak to me confidentially and off the record.”


 “Yeah, Dad, and I will have a booking to come and see him next week.”

 “Huh, but you said you dropped all Government business?”

 “Yeah Dad, and please stop the Huh, Huh. I get to his place, the industrial and business leaders of his tribe are introduced to me and then he leaves but you gotta see this to believe it.”

 “Son, you better explain real fast if you don’t want me sayin’ Huh again.”

 “Ole Dad, my dear ole Dad; then he goes but before he does he tells me to deal with his people direct and ignore Central Government. I get paid well and I think they all get their customary cut but I get the business without the interference … and anyway, Dubai is on the move again. I have a lot of work lined up there and next month I am making my first trip to China; invitation has been received and I accepted. China is on the move in Africa and the Russians are getting in too.”

 “And the rest, huh Son?”

 “They are Africanizing, Dad; they seem to have the need for it. It won’t work for them but they are welcome to try as far as I am concerned.

 Yeah, Africanizing is spreading its wings over Europe and the oceans of the continents, except for China and Russia. On these two rest the power of the New World and the will to stop the rot elsewhere.

 Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


From Hope and Audacity to the Absurd

July 29, 2015

I have been waiting for this for some time and now the time has come.

You know, America is on the verge. Here is an article that I inserted in a recent Post:

Read it. Then you sit down calmly and insert America in the place of Europe in the link.

Then you put the last two paragraphs in here. OK, OK I shall do it for you.

Human nature hasn’t changed one iota. Thugs like Vladimir Putin and Islamofascists like ISIS understand the bloody mathematics of power in the way the espresso-sippers refuse to. Ukraine will fall. The Baltics will fall. Turkey will fall. The Balkans will fall. Europe will fall.

This is the fiesta before the storm, and America is busy partying like it’s 1939. These are the New Wilderness Years, except this time the bad guys are going to win.”

There you are. I put them in for you; please note that I have deleted Europe and inserted America in its place.

Now ignore the first one that I inserted. I have put it in italics for you; it’s nonsense, not going to happen that way.

Now you give the incumbent Kenindonesian his third term. More than half of American voters are crazy enough to do it; go ahead and let them have it.

Now you send some American emissaries with some brains left to see Putin in Russia and President Xi Jinping in China. Put your hands out to them and make friends; don’t mess this up. They are not your enemies.

While your emissaries are there let them close down your military bases in Vietnam and Korea, and move your NATO forces out as well; send them home. You will need them there; your new and real friends in Russia and China will keep Iran at bay; don’t fret; Turkey will work with them. Just leave it all to Russia and China; it is their domain and they will do the right thing.

When you have done that, get home to American soil as fast as you can; you have big trouble there and you have little time left if you want to contain it.

In the final instance, cease your sanctions against Russia. You are going to have to pay a heavy price for that stupidity. Just stop the nonsense before it takes you down.

Ike Jakson

In Americus GA saka Americoon


South Africa to the World

May 5, 2015

Good morning America.

You all want to read the South African Ferguson MO crap? Don’t pay much attention to the Article; just read the comments and see how we handle this remarkable opportunity of equality and unity between races.

Welcome to the Rainbow Nation. Free at last, and celebrating after 21 horrendous years of decline towards where it started, hailed at the time as a Wonder, the New Africa.

Tell you what; send a copy to Jimmy Carter. The asshole declared the 1994 Election Free and Fair.

Van Riebeeck Day April 6th 2015

April 6, 2015

I am saying this in humble recognition of the memories of our Founding Fathers. Today used to be called Founders Day until 1993. They took the date away but they cannot erase our memories, no more than anyone can erase the truth. We will honor their memories today; it is not a challenge or a threat to anyone; today 363 years ago our forefathers planted our Flag in the soil of the Country of my birth.

In a speech in Cape Town on Friday evening the 9th of January 2015, President Jacob Zuma made the following statement:

“Jan van Riebeeck’s arrival in Cape Town was the beginning of all South Africa’s problems.”

Our country listened in silence but this email reached me all the way from Bangkok Thailand. I am publishing it verbatim, no editing and leaving it as it was done, in South African English. It is his reaction to Zuma’s speech:

Never in the history of the world have I heard a Head of State so clearly saying to a part of the population of his country: You are a problem. You are not wanted here. Apart maybe from Adolf Hitler to the Jews of Germany. We take note, mr Zuma. We’ll get back to this.

You see, president Zuma, we have known for a long time that you are not a very clever man (how’s that for an understatement?!), but to show such clear evidence of your lack of understanding even the most basic knowledge of our history is a blemish on this country.

 1) Jan van Riebeeck did not arrive in Cape Town. There was no Cape Town, there was no road, harbour, Castle of Good Hope, Parliament building, airport, Nkandla or KFC in sight. There was no infrastructure, there was no democracy or election. In fact, there wasn’t even a black man in sight. The southern tip of Africa looked pretty much as it did on the day of creation, because the few scattered groups of Khoisan people lived off the land and slept in minute little huts of reed which they would roll up and carry about on their backs when they moved on.

In fact, mr Zuma, everything that you set your eyes on, was created by that civilization which Jan van Riebeeck and the descendants of his people brought to this country. Of course, if you wish the country to return to the state of living in little huts of mud, wearing animal skins, not being able to read or write or in fact not even having had the capability of inventing the wheel, by all means – crawl back into your hut. But I’ll be damned if the civilized white, coloured and Indian population will follow you into that state. You belong in a hut, not me.

2) As applies to where the problem started: The problem started when the weaker and more cowardly African tribes starting running for their lives in the region around the great lakes of Malawi and fled southwards ahead of the Berbers.

As far as they went they murdered and raped and pillaged and stole the land from the rightful owners, the Khoi people. They met the white man around 1718 in the Eastern Cape. Those were your ancestors, mr Zuma,.

And the problem started when your ANC decided it wanted to adopt Western concepts like democracy, government, multiculturalism. Unfortunately the African incapability of understanding abstract thought and hypothetical reasoning makes it irreconcilable, so you decided to imitate.

Mr Zuma, a palace bigger than that of the former Czar of Russia, a fleet of BMW’s, the vote of the majority of non-reasoning people and a KFC meal and a Samsung with enough airtime is not sufficient. The world has recognized you for what you are: YOU are the problem!

3) Zuma ended off his speech with another statement: “We, the black nation, are crying for our land which was taken by the white people.” Kissing up to Julius Malema now or what? WHAT land? Where is your deed an poll?

What evidence do you have? What do you call the vast pieces of land called the Ingonyama Trust and the Royal Bafokeng Trust apart from “our land” for the black man then? No mr Zuma, you might as well stop your act.

We will resist you stealing OUR land, be prepared for that. One thing you have to understand, and there will be no negotiation on that: White South Africa built this country to what it is, we’ll see you in hell before we leave it to your mercy.

You labour under the misunderstanding that we are going to hand it all to you on a silver platter because we feel guilty. Don’t. You are wrong again.

You see, the one thing that you keep trying (and like a fool doesn’t realize that it is not working) is to blame “apartheid” and the injustices of the past and then offering the white man your forgiveness. And you think that, combined with the brand of “racist” will shame us.

You’ve missed the bus, mr Zuma. Black majority government in this country is shameful failure and your forgiveness means nothing to us. Keep it. We have no use for it, we are not interested in it. So carry on living in your ignorant little bubble of stupidity – the age of ethnic nationalism has dawned in the rest of the world and it will reach South Africa also. And you will have to bow your head and stand ashamed before history for having had all the opportunities imaginable and making one big, and gruesome bloody genocidal mess of it.”

You, World out there, be the judge, but do consider this before you judge; it is a strange twist but you should take note:

Rest my case.


South Africa Today March 22nd of 2015

March 23, 2015

Read it all in this link; it refers to similar events in other countries and the USA as well.

 Is what South Africa has become what you want to be next? Is that what you want, Mister Cameron? Do you want that for America, Former President Carter? You are also in it, Billary? Will that make you happy? After all, Bill, you got a scholarship from this man once; don’t you think you should step in and defend his honor?

 I can feel the bile rising in my throat.


The African-Canadian Example

March 23, 2015

Howdy America? This is not for Canada but for you in America, all 57 States, please.

 Read this first before I shall endeavor to explain the reasons for this Post. Read it well; in fact use your minds and study it until you can recite it verbatim, otherwise you won’t be able to understand what I am about to tell you in my follow-up Post.

 To help you, I have included the contents of the link, so you don’t have to go to any trouble opening links and all that. The link is really only included for you to send to your fellow Americans, the entire White House Staff, entire Congress and the entire Senate, all State Governor Offices, State Congress and Senates. In fact, try getting it into the houses of all Americans.

 Black Canadian Like Me

It took a Jill Scott concert in Toronto to show that when it comes to black Canadians and black Americans, there’s a lot more dividing us than a border.

 By: Alyson Renaldo

Posted: April 25 2011 12:11 AM

 My friends and I attended a Jill Scott concert in Toronto a few years back. We were very excited. Her music was like an oasis of craft in a desert landscape of mediocrity. As Jill belted out those notes, we sang along and swayed. She led into her wicked tune “It’s Love” by inviting the audience to think about “lovin’, like, we do that good, down-home soul food, you know, candied yams, collard greens, biscuits and gravy, smothered … “

The audience went silent. I remember thinking, “Gravy goes on bread? Really? Candied yams, you say? You mean licorice and a chocolate bar belong on a vegetable? Wow. Oh, I get it — she’s just setting up her experience in the song. But, well, not really, because she’s asking us to reminisce with her, which means we’re supposed to know about these strange food combinations, too.”

One of my friends jokingly turned to the rest of us with, “I don’t think they know there are others on the planet with them. Maybe she thinks the ‘c’ in ‘Canada’ really stands for ‘Carolinas.’ “We laughed. I chimed in with, “After the concert, let’s go to Romania and talk love over curry and roti.” We howled with laughter and went on enjoying the concert.

In truth, however, our comments were made not from humor but from disappointment, which we all felt but chose to ignore. After all, we were here to celebrate Jill’s uniqueness and relevance. Her assumption that her cultural experiences should mirror ours, here, in a completely different country, suggested that she didn’t value our uniqueness and relevance.

Ignorance (or dismissal) of black Canadians as a community was not uncommon to us, but what made this time a little more difficult to swallow was the source. Ordinarily, the source was Caucasians, not people of color, and certainly not black folks.

Could black Americans be as clueless about otherness as Caucasians can often be? Nope, no way; I couldn’t believe that. After all, black Americans vigorously resisted marginalization of their community by speaking up, building universities and creating media outlets and businesses reflective of their sensibilities. They have a profound understanding of how corrosive marginalization can be. I didn’t know what was happening with Jill that night, but I decided that it must have been a mishap. Or was it?

An Invisible Culture within Canada

Growing up, I wished to be in a country remotely aware of its minority population, and from my perspective, that country was the States. So when I graduated from high school, I decided to make a stand against what I believed to be white Canadian apathy toward black Canadians: I decided to attend an American university.

I am a black woman, born and raised in Canada, a nation whose black population barely makes up 2 percent of its approximately 30 million people. I often felt that Canada was not aware we even existed. The mainstream media outlets pushed us to the margins. In the ’90s, when I was in high school, MuchMusic, Canada’s 24-hour video music station, featured R&B music once a week for an hour. The hip-hop show came on for half an hour on weekdays at 3:30 in the afternoon … school let out at 3:10.

Still, I would be flat out lying were I not to confess that growing up in Canada, in terms of the standard of living, bordered on idyllic. For the most part, Canadians live a middle-class existence; even struggling individuals can access basic needs because of the nation’s government-driven mandate of social responsibility. Essentially, Canada is invested in seeing its citizens obtain bootstraps so that they will be afforded the opportunity to pull them up.


Days Weeks Months Years updated 1910 to 1960

December 2, 2014

Well, you have read:

I am now going to deal with half centuries from here on; the speed or change in the World started accelerating in 1910 and it looks certain to continue for the rest of the half century 2010 to 2060.

England started 1910 by merging her two new colonies [Free State in the mid-centre and Transvaal in the north, both won during the Anglo-Boer War into a single South Africa with self-government under the British Crown and part of the British Commonwealth, thus also completing her Colonial quest in Africa.

Do not ever underestimate the importance of this small event in the subsequent history of the World. It would become the hinge on which the entire next two half centuries would evolve.

Please also bear in mind that the Anglo Boer War was for one reason only; to get hold of the gold, the diamonds and the rest of the mineral wealth of the newly combined Colony. A last point of interest to remember on this point is that, for all the lofty speeches and the beautiful words in the American Declaration of Independence just over a century before that, the American War of Independence was a War for Independence in Trade. It had nothing to do with Freedom of All Men being born equal; it was fought for economic freedom, direct trade no longer via the Motherland, and financial independence. The French and others helped for the same reasons to defeat England in the final American War of Independence.

The above said and done when 1912 arrived; Taft preferred to be a judge and stepped out of the American Presidency to make place for Woodrow Wilson who after a brief hesitation got in and won the War against the Germans.

In the interim a few things of not much consequence at the time occurred but would become extremely important later, note and write it down for the future.

The first three actually happened in the half century ending 1910:

Adolf Hitler was born April 20th, 1889

Nikita Khrushchev was born April 15th 1895.

Hendrik F Verwoerd was born September 8th, 1901

The second five took place in the half century now under discussion:

Ronald Reagan was born February 06th 1911.

John F Kennedy was born May 29th 1917

Nelson Mandela was born July 18th of 1918

ML King, Jr. was born January 15th 1929

Desmond Tutu was born October 07th 1931

Now I am going to be brief with a short synopses of the two half centuries from 1910 to 2010 and get to the important details in two separate updates to enable the student to view the period 1860 to 2010 as an entity during which much [if nor all] that happened in this time would determine the course that the World is now set on and likely to stay on only to ultimately derail somewhere before 2060 and go back to 1760.

The periods up to 1960 can now be called history; efforts are taking place to re-write that history; these efforts will fail.

Kennedy and MLK would play pivotal roles in America but don’t ever ignore the roles of the South Africans mentioned. Much of America’s role 1960 to 2010 would in the end determine what would happen to South Africa during the same period. Conversely, if you want to call it that, America 2010 to 2060 will be determined by South 1960 to 2010.

Don’t laugh or panic. You have just had Ferguson MO. We had Sharpeville 1960 that set the scene for you. Remember though that Sharpeville has not ended yet; neither has Ferguson. That name will reverberate and haunt you for many decades to come.

I shall tell you all about it in the next update to the series.

Today 26 Months to go

November 20, 2014

American political campaigning goes non-stop though voters only get to do their bit every two years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The inauguration of the President takes place on the 20th of January in all the leap years.

Nobody will argue the point that the current administration has had an effect nobody would have considered possible at the start of the previous half century that I use as my instrument of measuring history, taking every half a century starting at the beginning of the years that end with 10 or 60.

If you look at recent events that have still to become history the election of the Bama was in fact a natural confluence of things that happened from the year of 1960 onwards.

It was always going to happen from the day Jack Kennedy won the 1960 race.

Kennedy was born in May 1917; Mandela was of July 1918. Complete the picture in short President Reagan February 1911. Idi Amin was guessed to hail from 1925. Jomo Kenyatta arrived in 1889 and was therefore, 70 years old when he started the racial cleansing in Kenya and running full speed with it while Americans were voting for Kennedy just three years before Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment. In the meantime a fellow named Barrack Obama was born wherever on August 3rd of Kennedy’s first year in the White House.

That’s all for now Folks; there will be a lot more on days, weeks, months, years and events that shaped the half century that we are in right now; you know the one that started in 2010.

It wasn’t ever a good idea to get one of our guys into the White House. Gird the loins, grind the teeth and bear it; after all he got the votes fair and square. It had been in the cards since 1960 anyway; you just didn’t see it coming, that’s all.

In just less than 24 months from today you will know who the Bama’s successor will be to take the White House keys and let the current incumbent go free to further screw your country up elsewhere.

Please this time, for our sake, your sakes and for the sake of the World elect an American to the job.

New Hope for America of the 49 States

November 5, 2014

When I switched my computer on this morning my eye fell on this little flash of parody by a fellow that calls himself The Maverick.

“The only politician ever to have entered parliament with honourable intentions, was Guy Fawkes on November 5th in the year of 1606.”

It is therefore, not my brilliance but it described my frame of mind until I came across this just before lunch:

That lifted my spirits.

We find ourselves in a land where politics and everything driven by politics [which means what the word says, EVERYTHING] is driven by revenge.

It is of course the legacy of Mandela; he died in 2013 December 5th and we are hoping that he will now be put in the past to enable us to get on with each other.

Don’t make the same mistake you guys. Get on with your lives now; rebuild what was broken but look into the future with love and understanding.

Oh yeah, the pun in the headline is mine. Enjoy this one for old time sake:

Don’t look back now. Build for the future; we need a strong healthy America.