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The Jaksonian Institute of Learning

January 17, 2015


Night has just delivered a new day to the World; it is not the first time that this has happened but it is an important one for me, the Founder and sole active Member of the Jaksonian Institute of Learning.

I thus speak for Self, but also for all the millions of little people that want to be called Self and wish to associate with me.

A fellow name of Elon Musk is often in the News, called the Media in these days. He makes rockets and NAASA pays him 2.6 billion USA Dollars for doing so; he is also involved inTesla, a project purported to make electric motorcars a viable alternative means of transport to replace the internal combustion fuel engine. For all you know he may export these vehicles to the moon and outer space for daily commuter traffic.

Elon, nogal South African born, is riding high for a South African boitjie. Nogal is a Dutch Afrikaans Sefrican word for, well, for nogal.

The teachings of the Jaksonian Institute of Learning are based on the life of my late Father, born 1897 in the surroundings where I now reside in the sand-hills of the Sandveld Region, Western Cape Coastline. We are earthbound people.

For us mankind’s space are these hills and the sky above as high as the clouds when they are there; even when they are not we limit our visions of space to about where the cloud-lines would be when they are there. We believe our space has been that ever since the Creation and it is not ever likely to change. Some summers are hotter than others; some winters are colder and wetter than others but we can’t change that and have no desire or intentions of ever doing so.

We live from the earth and we protect it; my father did that and all our ancestors before him.

We believe in People but not in Politicians. We believe in the Internet as an invention but we dread its intrusion in our private lives; we believe that television is of interest but that it doesn’t rule our lives.

We believe in helping each other and to share the gifts of nature with our neighbors but we abhor the intrusion of governments worldwide in the affairs of other sovereign countries or nations. We believe in a secular government system but not a Godless one. We believe in duty, morality, honor and responsibility in everything that we do.

We do not approve of Space Exploration or that there is anything to explore above the clouds; we believe that the Globe or the Earth is the only home for Mankind. We believe in our Creator and that His will be done for now and forever on earth and in the Universe around us.